Review: What About Brian – Season One Finale

Show: What About Brian (ABC)
Episode: Sex, Lies and Videotape – Season One Finale
Originally Aired: Monday, May 8th 2006
Rating: 2½ out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: Every relationship is in flux.

Long Synopsis: Dave thinks Deena is sleeping with their daughter’s best friend’s father after he saw something while re-watching the birthday party video. You can see them really arguing and going at it through the frosted glass. He shows the guys the video and asks them what they think? Adam thinks that women and men don’t fight like that “unless there’s something sexual going on.” Adam and Dave end up spending the rest of the day tailing Deena around town and end up seeing her meet the other guy. Dave heads off to the software chicks house and kisses her.

Meanwhile Nic is lying to Angelo about taking fertility treatments. After seeing what is happening to Dave and Deena he tells her they need to tell each other everything no matter what. She doesn’t tell him.

Brian is just tying to make things work with Lisa B. but messages and a visit from Marjorie seem to have put the kibosh on that. Which sends Brian back over to Adam and Marjorie’s place and they get into a big argument that Adam comes upon and watches from outside the house.

Review: This show was ABC making another attempt at and hoping for another Grey’s Anatomy. A few episodes at the end of a season to generate a little buzz and get people talking over the summer. Put a few beautiful people around 7th Heaven’s Barry Watson and voila. Unfortunately the show is not quite as good. It may have needed more than five episodes to let you get to know the characters a little better before all this cliffhanger madness. Yet how many people were going to give up CSI: Miami or Medium in the last few weeks of the TV season to try out a new show? As the ratings have been a bit low, not many but maybe enough to get it a second season. ABC has to do something now that they no longer have Monday Night Football.

As a season ending episode it was pretty good. They left pretty much everybody in flux. Will Angelo find out about the fertility treatments and what will that do to their marriage? Does Dave get it on with the software chick out of anger or is he not able to do it? What will Adam do after seeing that argument between his fiancé and his best friend? Remember men and women only fight like that if “something sexual is going on.” If you have been watching then you will probably want to know how things work out.

Another season may allow these characters to develop into people you could care about. Right now I don’t really care for any of them. Yet I could watch Sarah Lancaster (Everwood, Dr. Vegas), who plays Marjorie, in just about anything or any hair color.

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