Review: Veronica Mars – Season Two Finale

**If you haven’t watched this episode yet then stop reading now as SPOILERS will follow!**

Show: Veronica Mars (UPN)
Episode: Not Pictured – Season Two Finale
Originally Aired: Tuesday, May 9th 2006
Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: Leave it to Beaver.

Long Synopsis: We start out at with the dastardly Aaron Echolls leaving the courtroom with Veronica and her dad looking on. Back at the office Keith tells Veronica that they need to get on with their lives and that Aaron will get what’s coming to him someday.

Wallace is bummed about Jackie leaving for Paris and Veronica has a interesting dream that night showing what her life might have been like if Lilly had not been killed. This included her being with Logan and having never met Wallace until the day before graduation.

Vinny gets arrested breaking into Woody’s place and makes a deal with Keith to split the take on Woody’s capture if Keith can find anything in the documents he stole before the cops nabbed him.

Keith and Veronica learn from these papers that he needs daily heart medication and that he has also been treated for Chlamydia. They use this info to talk to find Woody at a hunting lodge in outside Reno, NV. Before this though Veronica and the rest graduate except Lamb arrests Weevil before he can walk across the stage for the murder of Thumper.

Wallace takes off for Paris and we find that Jackie actually went back to live with her mom and her son. She meets Wallace during his layover to tell him the truth about her after Veronica phones her to tell her about Wallace and that she has known for sometime her true story.

Veronica goes to one of Woody’s fast food joints to check out the team photos and sees the Cassidy was also on the team and was “Not Pictured.” Right there everything comes together for Veronica and the bus crash culprit is revealed as Beaver. He being the third kid that Woody had molested but had not wanted to come forward like the other two who were victims of the bus crash. Also Woody had given Beaver Chlamydia in which he had passed it on to Veronica revealing that she actually had been raped at that party we first heard about all the way back in episode one of the series. Veronica goes to find him because he is with Mac and they end up on the roof of the hotel. Where Veronica lays out all the clues as to why the Beav had blown up the bus. He blows up Woody’s plane to which we think Keith is on also. Logan comes to her rescue and the Beav jumps off the building committing suicide.

Then we see the old Kane security guy, Clarence, kill Aaron Echolls and call Duncan on a beach in Australia to tell him it is done. Then we see that Mac is all right and then Veronica and her dad are off to New York to celebrate her graduation. We also see that she is again with Logan.

The show ends with Kendall Casablancas coming to Keith and showing him something in a brief case that she says she needs his help with and then we see Veronica standing at the airport waiting for her dad to show and he is late.

Review: Wow they really know how to make a great show. What a payoff for those that have been watching all season. They tied things up nicely yet left enough dangling so you can’t wait until next season. Hopefully we will soon here that The CW has picked it up for another year of whodunit goodness.

That scene where Aaron tells Veronica in the elevator what it was like when he killed Lilly and then soon after to be taken out for good. Woody dying in the airplane that Beaver had planted another bomb in and thinking that Keith was on that plane. How everything tied up nicely reaching back all the way to last season to show that Beaver was the person behind the bus crash. The first dream sequence having her with Logan and not Duncan and having enjoyed high school was great and then her and Logan actually together at the end of the show. Beaver having all along been betting on the collapse of the incorporation plan with his property purchases. These scenes were all really fantastic. They really packed a lot into a single episode, which moved along at quite a brisk pace.

The cliffhangers they left you with were great as well. What was in that briefcase? Why didn’t Keith show at the airport and hasn’t called either? Will anybody be looking into the Aaron Echolls murder? What will happen to Weevil?

This is TV the way TV should be done. These are well written and acted characters with engaging stories being told in a fun way. I really can’t wait for a third season of Veronica Mars. The CW should reward this shows loyal fan base with another season. With one less network to compete against and a wider overall reach for the new combined network this show will do so much better than it has. Hopefully that exchange between Clarence and Duncan is a little foreshadowing of what is to come:

Duncan: CW?
Clarence: It’s a done deal.

I sure hope so, cause I hope that is not bacon I smell.

What did you think of the second season finale of Veronica Mars?

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