American Idol: Three For the Semi-Final as One Hits the Road on Season Five

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Daughtry has left the building. Well he was told to leave by the voting audience as the Yaminians, McPhans and the Soul Patrol out voted the Daughtry Gang. Katharine and Chris were in the bottom two and everybody in the place and at home including Kat, thought she was going to be “All Shook Up.” Yet there seems to be a big shocker every year on American Idol since season one when Tamyra Gray was sent packing earlier than anyone expected.

I thought Elliott would have been making another appearance but his fans really came through for him. As well they should have after the two terrific performances he gave the other night.

With three left this is how TVaholic ranks their chances to become the Season Five American Idol:

  1. Taylor Hicks – Up two spots to the top spot. The Soul Patrol looks to be really coming through for him the last few weeks. Would have to really falter at this point to not end up in the final pairing. Although anything can happen, just ask Chris.
  2. Elliott Yamin – Up two spots from last week as he was at the bottom. He had no “Trouble” bringing it this week and hit a couple out of the park to give him a legitimate shot being the American Idol.
  3. Katharine McPhee – Down one spot but it is now the last spot. Can’t have another less than stellar week if she wants to be in the final two. She needs an Elliott like performance to stay in it.

That is how TVaholic sees it. How do you see it? With Chris packing his bag, who do you think has the best chance of becoming the American Idol this season?

Next week on American Idol the remaining three contestants will be singing three songs each. There will be a whole lot of material from which to judge who should end up in the final two.

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