The CW Unveils Their Fall 2006 TV Schedule

The CW will launch this fall and is the combination of The WB and UPN. This leaves us with five broadcast networks competing for our time each night. FOX also puts out their Fall 2006 TV lineup today. CBS announced yesterday and ABC and NBC were earlier in the week.

First off let me say that the official announcement of the return of Veronica Mars might just be the best news on the TV front this week. If you haven’t been watching then you have been missing one of the best shows on TV. The show needs to pick up audience because the network has already announced they may cut it to 13 episodes if ratings falter. Hopefully this will not happen, as it looks like the only real competition is House on FOX.

Second, what happened to the Aquaman series that has been rumored for months? It looks more and more like Clark Kent will be the only comic hero to make it to the small screen and last.

Third, 7th Heaven is back for an eleventh season of Camden family drama. Can’t believe this is going to return and Everwood was not picked up. As family drama goes it was the best on TV.

So, what does The CW Fall 2006 TV schedule look like?

Everybody Hates Chris – New timeslot.
All of Us – New timeslot.
Girlfriends – New timeslot.
The Game – New half hour comedy about the wives of professional athletes.
America’s Next Top Model – Encore showing.

7th Heaven
Runaway – New drama about a dad falsely accused of murder on the run with his family trying to prove he is innocent.

Gilmore Girls
Veronica Mars

America’s Next Top Model – A new installment of Beauty and the Geek will show up between ANTM cycles in this timeslot.
One Tree Hill – New timeslot.


Friday Night Smackdown!

Notable absences from the new network are the aforementioned Everwood, comedies Living with Fran and Modern Men and dramedy Related.

Waiting in the mid season wings is The O.C.-ish drama from Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, the Scream movies) Hidden Palms and the comedy Reba.

There are only two new shows on The CW and the one that interests TVaholic is Runaway, a sort of The Fugitive but with a family in tow.

What sounds good to you? What shows do you wish would have made The CW Fall 2006 TV schedule?

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  • hilary May 19, 2006, 3:11 pm

    what the hell the WB dropped all the good shows like everwood,reba,twins,living with fran,bedford diaries,charmed and other shows.THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im so not going to see any shows on the CW network. the wb was finr the shows the

  • Jason the TVaholic May 21, 2006, 3:59 am

    I hear where you are coming from. I am most disappointed by the loss of Everwood as it was one of the best-acted and written dramas on TV. Living with Fran was actually pretty good but Twins on the other hand wasn’t and I was surprised it lasted the 18 episodes it did. Reba though has been saved and will reappear at some point next season. Mostly I am just glad The CW kept Veronica Mars for a third season.

  • Ed Jul 1, 2006, 9:15 pm

    V. Mars was a great disappointment at the end of the 2nd season. While the 1st season
    was great the tie up of all the different story lines was very sad. Many things were
    hidden and other things were not resolved at all. I hope the 3rd season will return
    to the strong plot lines and resolution that kept me interested durint the 1st season.
    It remains to be seen if the writting staf is capable. All people saw what a poor job
    of plot could destroy a good show like Joan of Arcidia. I hope I am wrong- Ed

  • Kristen Aug 20, 2006, 2:59 pm

    What an amazing show. I know it didnt have a strong audience but look at how GILMORE GIRLS started. In the beginning GG didnt have an audience at all but now its one of the most successful ‘cult’ shows of all times.
    RELATED was a great show. It has a great cast, great chemistry with the cast, great production…what a loss!

  • Jason the TVaholic Aug 20, 2006, 4:45 pm

    Yes, Related was a pretty good show with its quick pace and great cast. Since you also liked the cast you may be interested to know that in the upcoming fall season you will find Kiele Sanchez (Anne) on ABC in the new season of Lost, Lizzy Caplan (Marjee) on the new CBS comedy The Class and Dana Delany (the mother in the flashbacks) on the new NBC drama Kidnapped.

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