Humorous Quotes from Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, Grey’s Anatomy & More

The TV season is coming to an end but there was still plenty to laugh about last week. Whether it was Charlie’s twist on banking or cashin’ something in on Grey’s Anatomy. What humorous quotes from last week got you smiling? The following funny quotes tickled the TVaholic’s funny bone. These quotes are from the week of May 14th, 2006. Read on and enjoy!

Humorous Quote of the Week

Show: Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Episode: Arguments for a Quickie (Season 3)
The Setup: Charlie’s old girlfriend has come back to town with her dance company and has a favor to ask of Charlie. Her biological clock is ticking and she wants to have a baby but doesn’t want to wait any longer. She wants Charlie to be the donor. He wakes Alan up to talk to him about it.
Alan: So, so what are you going to do? You gonna go to a sperm bank?
Charlie: Well I tried to talk her into a direct deposit!

Other Humorous Quotes

Show: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Episode: Deterioration of the Flight or Fight Response (Season 2)
The Setup: The Chief’s wife Adele has brought their niece in to the hospital because she passed out at the Prom she was chaperoning.
Adele: Addison, thank you for meeting us.
Addison: You want to tell me what’s so important I’m keeping it from by Chief of Surgery?
Adele: I was chaperoning a Prom for my niece. We had a little bit of a situation.
Addison: (Reading the chart) Camille Travis, seventeen, lost consciousness during sexual intercourse.
Adele: (Closing the curtain) Keep it down.
Camille: It’s OK Aunt Adele. I’m Fine.
Adele: When your Uncle Richard finds out you were cashin’ in your V-Card, none of us will be fine.

Show: Scrubs (NBC)
Episode: My Urologist (Season 5)
The Setup: Dr. Kelso needs someone to go out to his house and get some money for him so he can send it to his son. He is telling this to Dr. Cox and J.D. and the janitor is behind him. The janitor volunteers to do it.
Dr. Kelso: …Anyhoo, I need someone to zip out to my house and grab $400.
Janitor: I’ll do it. I shouldn’t be mopping in here anyway. This is a rug.

Show: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Episode: Come On (Season 1)
The Setup: Ted has been trying to make it rain all day by learning to do a rain dance. It isn’t working and Barney thinks it may be time to give up. Ted doesn’t think so as rain is the only thing that will keep Robin in town as her work is having a company camping trip. This is the only thing Ted can think of to try and get together with Robin. He starts yelling looking up into the sky.
Ted: Give me some rain! Come Onnn! Come Onnn! Come Oonnnnnn!
(It starts to rain)
Barney: Oh, come on.

What was your favorite funny TV quotes from last week?

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