TV Review: Entourage – Third Season Premiere of the HBO Series

Show: Entourage (HBO)
Episode: Aquamom – Season Premiere (Season 3)
Originally Aired: Sunday, June 11th 2006
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: The Aquaman premiere is near.

Long Synopsis: Aquaman has been filmed and the gang is preparing for the big premiere. Vince wants his mom to come out to L.A. to be his date for the event but she doesn’t like to travel. So Eric comes up with the idea of inviting all their moms and making it impossible for Vince and Drama’s mom to not come. They all end up coming and we see them walking into the premiere.

Review: Entourage picked right back up where it left off. The tone and the group camaraderie are still there. The only change is Ari’s crappy new offices in West Hollywood. While on the dirty side at times, it is on HBO after all, it does give you an interesting perspective into what it might be like to be a star in Hollywood. I read that industry insiders view it more as a documentary than a scripted comedy or drama.

The show does seem a bit insider-ish but without being so far in that only insiders would understand it or be entertained by it. I like the guest stars are willing to play a version of themselves. In this episode it is James Woods. He plays himself or at least he plays the perception that is out there of him from his movies and media coverage. He is loud and in your face and ready to kick your ass if you don’t do what he wants.

In this episode I also liked that the Turtle and Drama gave up their video ho dates to bring Eric and Turtle’s moms to the event so that Vince and Drama’s mom would attend.

All in all, this episode was pretty good. It brought you right back into the world that these characters live in and set up Vince as becoming a really big star and what that will mean for him and his entourage.

What did you think of the third season premiere of Entourage?

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