TV Review: The 4400 – Third Season Premiere

Show: The 4400 (USA)
Episode: The New World (1), The New World (2) – Two-Hour Season Premiere (Season 3)
Originally Aired: Sunday, June 11th 2006
Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: They all have abilities now.

Long Synopsis: The story picks up pretty much where it left off last season. Isabel has gone from baby to grown woman. Lily has aged into a senior citizen. Maia is having trouble dealing with her ability now at full strength. NTAC is worried about a group of 4400’s calling themselves the Nova Group as they tried to take out Dennis Ryland and managed to get to the other six in charge of the promycin inhibitor program. They promise something will happen on October 19th and as that day approaches the events of the show unfold.

Review: A solid return for this fun summer series on USA. It was a bit slow for my taste but they opened up a whole new world of stories to tell. Now that all the 4400 returnees will be developing powers it sets up an interesting will they use them for good or evil premise?

Most of the show was set just waiting for a 4400 off shoot group called the Nova Group to do something big and terrible after killing off the people that had run the promycin inhibitor program. Yet they create a wheat field in the baron sandy terrain of Africa. It wasn’t much of a payoff for all the doom and gloom that had preceded it in the episode but it was probably pretty good for the series and a good jumping off point for the new season. Was this just a diversion or will they really use their abilities for good?

The rest of the episode focused on Isabel the, baby to 20-year-old woman, daughter of Lily and Richard. It turns out Lily has aged also and ends up dying at the end of the episode. Why has this happened? What is Isabel’s purpose? And what is with that Matthew Ross guy? These are all questions that bring you into the story and make you want to watch again next week to get closer to the answers.

This show has managed to create interesting and complex characters in the midst of a great story that keeps you guessing as to why these people were sent back with all these different abilities. I will definitely be watching The 4400 each Sunday night this summer, will you?

What did you think of the third season premiere of The 4400?

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