Tonight on the Tube: NBA Finals, 4400, Dead Zone and Entourage

Endurance:  Winning Life's Majors the Phil Mickelson WayWow there is lots of stuff to keep a TVaholic busy today on TV. Three huge sporting events with the World Cup, NBA Finals and the U.S. Open all taking place today. New episodes of shows like The 4400 and Entourage. There is just so much. What will you be watching?

Prime Picks

NBA Finals Game 5 (ABC): The Heat tied it up and the Mavericks lost Stackhouse to a one game suspension. Yet the replacement seems to step up in these types of situations so I wouldn’t be too happy if I were the Heat cause things can change in a hurry. Who do you think will win tonight? Starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and will run about three hours.

Solid Selections

Treasure Hunters (NBC): Series Premiere. It sounds to me like The Amazing Race meets National Treasure as they have ten teams trying to find seven artifacts that when brought together will be the key to finding a hidden treasure. Runs two hours.

Windfall (NBC): Repeat. Thursday’s episode replayed yet again.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril get exotic fish wise with this episode’s dishes.

The 4400 (USA): New. Tom is sent to NTAC mandated therapy, as is everyone but later they are after him and he can’t remember what happened. Runs 61 minutes. Last week’s two-hour season premiere plays a couple of times earlier in the day.

The Dead Zone (USA): Season Premiere. The new season begins tonight with Johnny trying to figure out how to stop Stillson’s wedding.

Other Options

  • Deadwood (HBO): New. The second episode of this final season is tonight.
  • Entourage (HBO): New. Blackouts in the L.A. area threaten the opening take for Aquaman at the box office. Runs 30 minutes.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FOX): Repeat. Tonight they buy a gun to protect the bar and things don’t go, as they should. New episodes of this series start June 29th on FX. Runs 30 minutes.
  • International Consumer Electronics Show 2006 (HGTV): New. Get a look at all the cool audio and video stuff that will be coming to a store near you soon.
  • Iron Chef America (Food Network): New. Iron Chef Morimoto takes on challenger Chef Eme.
  • Rescue Me (FX): Repeat. If you missed Tuesday’s episode here is another chance to watch it.
  • What Women Want (CBS): Mel Gibson gets the ability to see what is really going on in the minds of women and it is just a little too much for him. Also stars Helen Hunt. Runs two hours.

Sports Notes

  • ABC has three World Cup Soccer matches early in the day and the NBA Finals at night.
  • ESPN has an NCAA World Series game early and Sunday Night Baseball later with the Boston Red Sox at the Atlanta Braves.
  • ESPN2 has an NCAA World Series game and repeat coverage of U.S. Open golf later.
  • FOX has NASCAR racing with 3M Performance 400 from the Michigan International Speedway.
  • NBC has coverage of the final round of the U.S. Open golf tournament with Phil Mickelson in the final group.

TV Show Marathons

Bravo – Eight episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
Discovery Channel – 18 episodes of Dirty Jobs.
Discovery Kids – 16 episodes of Darcy’s Wild Life.
TV Land – 11 episodes of Gunsmoke early and 20 episodes of Sanford & Son later.

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