New DVD Sets: Old and New Adventures of Superman, Superboy & Justice League

Today should be called Super Tuesday. Not because anybody will be voting in the presidential primaries but because of the number of Superman related DVD sets that arrive in stores today. Whether you like your superheroes animated, live action, boyish, new or classic, young or old, in a league of their own or just dog gone good this is the day for you. Today there will be seven different DVD sets of Superman related series available to get you ready for the release of Superman: Returns, which hits theaters next Wednesday.

Prime DVD Set Pick

Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman - The Complete Third SeasonLois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman – The Complete Third Season
This was a great show and one I tried not to miss each week of the four seasons it lasted, which wasn’t nearly enough in my opinion. The show wasn’t about Superman saving the day but was a romantic comedy focusing on a love triangle that included both Clark and Superman. Yet this season saw the relationship of Lois and Clark move ahead but not smoothly as clones and amnesia can really get in the way. The DVD set includes all 22 season three episodes on six discs. Special features include a featurette about the history of the Lois and Clark romance and a Superman trivia challenge hosted by Dean Cain. Also you will find snippets of the documentary Look, Up in the Sky – The Amazing Story of Superman.

Other DVD Set Options

Adventures of Superman – The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons
Justice League – Season Two (DC Comics Classic Collection)
The King of Queens – The Complete Fifth Season
Krypto the Superdog, Vol. 1: Cosmic Canine
Married With Children – The Complete Fifth Season
The Mary Tyler Moore Show – The Complete Fourth Season (1973)
NewsRadio – The Complete Fourth Season
NYPD Blue – The Complete Fourth Season
Superboy – The Complete First Season
Superman – The Animated Series, Volume Three (DC Comics Classic Collection)
Superman – Brainiac Attacks

What super DVD sets will you be adding to your TV on DVD collection?

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