Tonight on the Tube: 24, Kyle XY, Monk and Psych

Monk: The Obsessive Compulsive Collection - Seasons One - FourA little late on the picks today but here they are at last. Once again cable is where to be tonight with season five of Monk starting up at a new earlier time to make way for the new series Psych on USA. This now gives us at least one scripted show per night to keep us occupied over the summer as we wait for the new fall season. Well except Saturday. Will you be watching Monk or Psych tonight? If not, what are you going to be watching?

Prime Picks

24 (FOX): Repeat. Day 5 continues as Jack pursues a new lead as the terrorists’ threat is upped.

24 (FOX): Repeat. Day 5 continues as Jack tracks down his old mentor Christopher Henderson played by Peter Weller who may or may not be a part of the threat.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. The team investigates a bombing that strikes and eerie similarity to a 1970s bombing by an activist who went missing and had not been heard from since. Turns out Don’s dad new the guy.

Solid Selections

NCIS (CBS): Repeat. The team investigates a Pentagon cryptographer’s death as it apparently looks to be a suicide.

Kyle XY (ABC): Repeat. Replay of Monday’s episode on ABC Family where they learn Kyle hasn’t slept in almost ten days leading them to worry about him. This show is a fun watch as Kyle learns about his new surroundings including how to properly eat a banana.

Law & Order (NBC): Repeat. McCoy ponders the idea of making a deal with a scumbag ex-convict in order to get information on the whereabouts of a missing 5-year-old girl.

Cable Choices

Take Home Chef (TLC): New. The grilled swordfish doesn’t really do it for me but the chocolate mousse sound good.
Take Home Chef (TLC): New. Now this sounds good. Watch as they prepare Cajun chicken with spicy mashed potatoes and a chocolate soufflé for dessert.

Monk (USA): Season Premiere. The new season begins with guest star Stanley Tucci as an actor wanting to learn about Monk so he can play him in a movie Hollywood wants to make about his great detective skills. Wackiness ensues. Runs 61 minutes and plays a second time later after Psych and House.

Psych (USA): Series Premiere. A guy trained since childhood by his father played by Corbin Bersen (L.A. Law) to be a great detective becomes a slacker but with great observational skills. To get out of a jam he pretends to be psychic to solve a case for the police. He decides to open a detective agency and continue to help the cops. His friend played by Dule Hill (The West Wing) comes along for the ride. It looks to be a fun show in a similar way to how Monk is fun. Runs 89 minutes and plays again later after House and Monk.

Other Options

  • Biography (A&E): New. Robin Williams is profiled.
  • Commando (AMC): Released 1985. Arnold Schwarzenegger as an ex special forces soldier whose daughter is taken. That was the wrong thing to do as he takes out everything in sight to get her back. Runs 105 minutes.
  • Quigley Down Under (Hallmark): Released 1990. Tom Selleck stars as a long distance sharpshooter hired by a man in Australia played by Alan Rickman who wants him to take out the Aborigines who have learned to stay just out of normal gun range. This is a very good movie.
  • U-571 (Bravo): Released 2000. This fine movie starring Mathew McConaughey as the leader of a group trying to steal a code box from a disabled German sub and things don’t go as planned. Runs two and half hours.
  • The Unit (CBS): Repeat. The team goes undercover at the Russian embassy in Israel to discover whether they are selling weapons to Iran. It looks as things have gone wrong when Bob is banned from entering the facility. One of the better episodes of the season with some twists and turns.
  • What Not to Wear (TLC): New. Stacy and Clinton help a 35-year-old mother get a grip on her fashion choices.
  • Who’s Line Is It Anyway? (ABC Family): Repeats. A six-episode mini-marathon of Drew Carey and the improve group having fun and making us laugh.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Friday Night Baseball with the Boston Red Sox at the Chicago White Sox and U.S. Senior open golf coverage earlier in the day.
  • ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights.
  • Golf Channel has coverage of the Women’s World Match Play Championship.
  • NBC has Wimbledon tennis coverage with the men’s semifinals.
  • OLN plays Stage 6 of the Tour de France six times over the course of the day.

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