Tonight on the Tube: Monk, Psych and Sci-Fi Friday

Stargate: The Ultimate GuideAre you a sci-fi Friday fan? Do you love the Stargates? What do you love so much about them? Why do you watch? I used to watch SG-1 way back when it first started but lost track and interest. Should I be watching it again? Tell me what I am missing in the comments below. I want to know.

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): Repeat. In this rerun Tony opens the letter that has a mystery powder in it and he and Kate must be quarantined.

Kyle XY (ABC): Repeat. In this episode from Monday over on ABC Family Kyle and the rest of the Trager kids head to school. For Kyle it is his first day of school ever that he can remember. It was a pretty good episode.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. Don and his team are surprised by what they find during a school shooting investigation.

Solid Selections

That ‘70s Show (FOX): Repeat. Fez meets an older woman at the beauty shop that wants him for more than just a wash and rinse.
That ‘70s Show (FOX): Repeat. Jackie almost gets her and Fez evicted before making everything all right because of her fashion skills.

The Unit (CBS): Repeat. The team goes to SERE training as what they think will guards but end up as prisoners. This was one of the best episodes of the first season of this show.

Law & Order (NBC): Repeat. Murder and illegal alien smuggling are investigated.

Cable Choices

Take Home Chef (TLC): New. Well the poached pears with vanilla ice cream sounds good.
Take Home Chef (TLC): New. Not so much loving the yellowtail snapper but the crème caramel sounds really good.

Monk (USA): New. Monk becomes mysteriously blind and he actually likes it at first. Plays again tonight after House.

Psych (USA): New. The guys get their first non-police client and case. It plays again after the second showing of Monk, which is after House.

Other Options

  • 24 (FOX): Repeat. Jack tries to avenge the lives lost but there are shocking developments.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): Repeats. The two episodes from earlier this week replay.
  • Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi) New. The Wraith captures Ronon and hunts him as a runner. Plays twice.
  • Stargate SG-1 (Sci Fi) New. The team has a plan to defeat the Ori and travel to Atlantis to put it in motion. Plays twice.
  • What Not to Wear (TLC): New. A 25 year old who dresses like a Rastafarian hippie gets a makeover from dreadlocks to spiffy new shoes.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights with a heavyweight bout scheduled for 12 rounds.
  • Golf Channel has the Evian Masters tournament from France that Michelle Wie is playing in.

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