New on DVD: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Blue Collar TV & More

So what is new on DVD this week in the TV land? Well for starters the fifth season of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Also from HBO is the complete series of The Comeback starring Friends alum Lisa Kudrow. For the Star Trek fan boys or girls a TNG set with episodes dealing with the Klingons. If you are one who likes seeing dads take baseball bats to their nether regions or someone taking a football to the face then the collection of America’s Funniest Home Videos out today should fit the bill just nicely.

Prime New on DVD Pick

Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Fifth SeasonCurb Your Enthusiasm – The Complete Fifth Season
Many call this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm a down year. Not up to the quality or comedy of past seasons. Maybe a few of the episodes but for me the fifth season was just as outrageous and ingenious as the previous four. Who else but Larry David would get a sandwich named after him and then complain about what is in it and work to get his name on another one. Each episode is like one big 30-minute setup for a punchline that ends the episode. The journey to that punchline provides many funny bits along the way. All in all I would say that this was a pretty, pretty, pretty good season. The DVD sets includes all ten season five episodes on two discs. Special features include two featurettes about the history of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Other New on DVD Options

Alice in Wonderland
America’s Funniest Home Videos: Sports Spectacular
Beavis & Butt-head – The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 3
Blue Collar TV – The Complete Second Season
The Comeback – The Complete Only Season
Dallas – The Complete Fifth Season
The Girls Next Door – Season One
Good Times – The Complete Sixth Season
Hazel – The Complete First Season
Star Trek Fan Collective – Klingon

What new on DVD TV show sets will you be adding to your collection this week?

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