7 More Reasons I Can’t Wait for the 2006 Fall TV Season to Start

Prison Break - Season OneActually as I stated yesterday there are really only two reasons. They are the shows I can’t wait to see again and new shows that might be worth a look. This list is the seven returning favorites that I am most looking forward to continue watching. They are the ones that have I have pretty much seen every episode of so far, the ones that I almost never miss. So without any further ado here are:

The 7 Fall 2006 Returning TV Shows I Can’t Wait For

  • Prison Break – (Returns Monday Aug. 21st on FOX) I can’t believe this starts next Monday already. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the boys were running through a field having missed their flight with many a cop in pursuit. How will they get away? Will they all make it? Who will be the first to Westmoreland’s hidden stash of cash? I can’t wait to find out.
  • House – (Returns Tuesday Sept. 5th on FOX) Will the treatment he asked for in the emergency room work? Will he have less pain and no longer need a cane? Without the pain and drugs will he be less of an ass? The answer to the last will be no, no matter what the answers to the first two are. House is one of the great characters on TV right now and too much of a change would kill the show. I am ready for more telling it like it is or at least how House sees it. How about you?
  • How I Met Your Mother – (Returns Monday Sept. 18th on CBS) Are you ready to “suit up” and see what happens next. Will Lily and Marshall get back together? What is going to happen with Robin and Ted? This is one really good show. I don’t think we will need to invoke the “lemon law” anytime soon.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – (Returns Thursday Sept. 21st on ABC) Will Meredith choose McDreamy, McVet or just walk away? Will Izzie get over the loss of Denny? This show is one of the best on TV. The way they intertwine the medical cases as metaphors for what the interns are dealing with in their personal lives is outstanding? It makes for great storytelling and very good watching.
  • Smallville – (Returns Thursday Sept. 28th on The CW) How will Clark get out of the Kryptonian prison he is trapped in? How will Zod be defeated? This is one fun and interesting telling of the story of how Clark Kent becomes the superhero we all know he will be and how Lex Luthor becomes his evil nemesis.
  • Veronica Mars – (Returns Tuesday Oct. 3rd on The CW) How come Keith didn’t make it to the airport to meet Veronica? What will be the first mystery to solve? How will she like Hearst College? Will people finally realize how good a show this is and watch it? This is definitely the best show not enough people are watching. Maybe with no overarching season long mystery and three smaller mystery arcs to follow it will be more accessible to a wider audience? As long as the writing and acting stays as good as the first two seasons it will be all good.
  • Lost – (Returns Wednesday Oct. 4th on ABC) What? Will Kate, Jack and the rest get away from the Others? Who are the Others? Who the heck knows what is going on? I hope they really do have an end game in mind for this show but until then I am content to sit back and watch. The storytelling on this show is tremendous. The way you learn about the characters in bits and pieces via flashback. The way that they all seem to have crossed paths at some point in their past before getting on the plane.

What are yours? What returning shows look good to you this fall? Leave a list of your own in the comments.

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