New TV on DVD: House, Veronica Mars, Invasion, Threshold and More

A whole lot of good TV shows out on DVD today. These include two of my favorite can’t miss shows, House and Veronica Mars and a couple of solid shows that weren’t given a chance in Invasion and Threshold. Which of these will you be adding to your DVD collection?

Prime TV on DVD Picks

House, M.D. - Season TwoHouse, M.D. – Season Two
This is one of the best shows on TV that a lot of people are watching. The Dr. House character played by Hugh Laurie is one of the best on TV. The way he says what he thinks no matter what anybody else will is always fun to watch. The second season continued with the great storytelling that we saw in Season One. While there is a formula to most episodes namely the medical mystery of the day, that is so not the point of the show. It is just the backdrop for the character interaction to take place. Watching these characters interact with each other is a truly gratifying TV experience. This TV on DVD set includes all 24 episodes on six discs. Special features include a panel discussion at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with the cast and producers, commentary on two episodes and a blooper reel.

Veronica Mars - The Complete Second SeasonVeronica Mars – The Complete Second Season
This is the best show on TV that not a lot of people are watching. They should be as it has some of the best writing and one of the strongest characters on TV right now. Kristen Bell plays the title role of Veronica Mars. She is more than just a pretty face. If you need to find something out then she is your girl. Each week has a mystery to solve but along the way clues are ascertained in the big overarching season long mystery. If you like good mysteries, witty dialogue, strong characters and interesting stories then this is the show for you. The third season premieres Oct. 3rd so there is still plenty of time to get to know these characters from the first and this past second season. The third season is said to be broken up into three smaller mysteries that each last between six and nine episode. They are trying to make the show what some would consider more accessible. I think however they do it, one season long arc or three smaller arcs, as long as the show stays on the air I will be happy. The DVD set all 22 episodes on six discs. Special features include deleted scenes, two behind the scenes featurettes and a gag reel. If you are not looking to buy, you can always rent it or any other TV show on DVD by adding them to your Netflix queue.

Solid TV on DVD Selections

Invasion - The Complete SeriesInvasion – The Complete Series
This was a truly great show. Interesting characters with a griping mystery about what was really going on and who or what was behind it. The series started off a bit slow which may have accounted for some lack of audience. Yet it really built upon itself each week and about six or seven episodes in really started to get exciting as more and more was revealed. It lasted a full season but unfortunately was not picked up for another. I think ABC really missed the boat on this one with the cancellation. The DVD set includes all 22 episodes on six discs. Special features include missing scenes, gag reel and a featurette about the show creator Shaun Cassidy.

Threshold - The Complete SeriesThreshold – The Complete Series
The third of the three sci-fi series that didn’t make a second season along with Invasion and Surface which came out on DVD last week. This was the shortest of the three. CBS started it on Friday night and then after a couple of weeks off it moved it to Tuesday and after one showing gave it the axe. Carla Gugino just doesn’t have good luck selecting TV projects, as they don’t seem to last long. I don’t know why as they have each been pretty good. This might have been her best. The TV on DVD set includes 12, four that were never aired, episodes on three discs. Special features include a four-part documentary, a visual effects featurette, deleted scenes and commentary on the pilot episode.

Other TV on DVD Options

The Bill Cosby Show – Season One
A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Season One
A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Season Two
Blackstar – The Complete Series
Blue Thunder: The Complete Series
Conviction: The Complete Series
Elizabeth I
Redwall: Season Three
Renegade: Seasons 2 and 3
Space Sentinels: The Complete Series/Freedom Force: The Complete Series
The Worst Week of My Life – The Complete First Season

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