TV Review: Prison Break – Second Season Premiere on FOX

Show: Prison Break (FOX)
Episode: Manhunt – Season Premiere (Season 2)
Originally Aired: Monday, Aug. 21st 2006
Rating: 3½ out of 4 stars
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Quick Synopsis: Let the hunt begin.

Long Synopsis: It starts off with Bellick and the guards in hot pursuit of five of The Fox River 8. They get away for now but an FBI special agent played by William Fichtner (Invasion) looks like he may be figuring Scofield out. Meanwhile T-Bag has put his hand on ice and is using a vet to attempt to get it reattached. Ouch! Veronica has a little conversation with the new President’s brother Terrance Steadman who is now played by Jeff Perry (Nash Bridges), which doesn’t turn out as she had hoped.

Review: This was a great episode. It started up about eight hours or so from wear last season ended. It focuses mainly on Abruzzi, C-Note, Sucre, Lincoln and Michael as they try to get away. You get to see that there is more to the tattoo than just the plan to get out of Fox River. I think Michael should be known as Plan B as he sure has put a lot of thought into back up plans along the way. One of the fun things about this show is how along with the other cons the audience is kept in the dark about the next step, which keeps you guessing, which keeps you interested.

The casting on this show is very well done in general, as each character is very believable. This is shown with the introduction of Special Agent Alexander Mahone. He looks to be a formidable foe for Michael to go up against as he attempts to get to Westmoreland’s money and follow his plan to get he and his brother out of the country. Mahone is shown to be very smart but also to have a problem of his own as you see when he pops a pill that he has hidden in a pen. Strong and flawed characters with a great story and plenty of suspense, what else could you want from an hour of TV?

There were also a few surprises showing you that anything can and will happen as the truth is attempted to be uncovered and the escapees continue on the run.

What did you think of the season two premiere of Prison Break?

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