Seven Entertaining TV Related Lists

Last month I participated in a group-writing project at ProBlogger. The object was to write a list about something. There were 301 total lists submitted and 21 fell in the Entertainment category. Seven of these were TV related in some way. So I thought it might be fun to put together another list and share the link love, so-to-speak. The seven entertaining TV related lists are:

  1. My Top 10 Favorite Desperate Housewives Moments – Number eight and nine would probably rank in my top ten if I made a list like this.
  2. 11 Teams I’d Love to See on the Amazing Race – Skewers the Blogosphere with a few interesting team ideas for CBS’ Amazing Race.
  3. Top 10 Lindsay Lohan Oops Moments – All I can say is somebody needs to get this girl a bra.
  4. 14 Amazing Chuck Norris Facts – Fourteen of favorite facts from Chuck Norris Facts. I wish Walker, Texas Ranger was still on every Saturday night. Then at least something would be.
  5. 5 Benjamin Bratt movies worth your time; and 9.4 Law & Order episodes, too – Somebody really likes Benjamin Bratt.
  6. The 11 New Fall Shows I Can’t Wait to See – Only four of these made my list of upcoming fall show that I can’t wait for.
  7. 7 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the Fall TV Season to Start – This was my contribution to the project. Later, I also wrote 7 More Reasons I Can’t Wait for the Fall TV Season to Start.

Which entertaining TV related list was your favorite?

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