TV Shows on DVD: Abbott and Costello Show, Lost, Hustle and More

Today get Lost in The Adventures of Chico and Guapo on the Broken Trail with ALF and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then The Bob New Hart Show and The Abbott and Costello Show Combat! over store shelves. Also, Charlie and Lola try to Hustle The Flinstones into thinking that Fragile Rock is a Supernatural part of Oz. The Commander In Chief is not so sure and sends out her Forensic Investigators and Doctor Who to find out. They instead find a Red Dwarf Family wearing Silk Stalkings. Giving us all Goosebumps when the pictures are leaked on the Internet.

Prime TV Shows on DVD Picks

The Abbott & Costello Show: 100th Anniversary Collection Season 1The Abbott & Costello Show: 100th Anniversary Collection Season 1
This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I remember watching these in syndication when I was younger. I think I may still have some old episodes on video tape somewhere. Now the show is on DVD and will definitely be making an appearance in my ever-growing TV shows on DVD collection. A lot of their classic material from their radio days was put to good use in this entertaining and very funny show. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were roommates in a boarding house who were always down on their luck. Abbott was always scheming to make his next buck and Costello usually unwittingly fit into his plan. The show had a great cast of characters like Mike the Cop and others. This was the show that Jerry Seinfeld says was in part an inspiration for his hit sitcom. If you like to laugh then you can’t go wrong with the classic comedy duo of Abbott and Costello. The DVD set includes all 26 season one episode on five discs. Special features include Lou Costello’s home movies and interviews with his daughters. The set is being released in honor of what would have been Lou Costello’s 100th Birthday.

Lost - The Complete Second SeasonLost – The Complete Second Season
The third season begins on Oct. 4th so you have plenty of time to catch up with this show on DVD if you need to. I never watched the first season of the show but watched each week of season two. I have since caught up with a 3-day marathon of season one episodes thanks to summer of Netflix red mailers. Season two is said to be by many not as good as season one. I disagree. While the first season was great, I thought this past season continued to build on it very well. Maybe having watched season two first gives me a different perspective, as I did not have season one to base my opinion on when I was viewing season two. The DVD set includes all season two episodes on seven discs. The seventh disc contains more than eight hours of special features and extras. If it is anything like the season one set it should be quite good.

Other TV Shows on DVD Options

The Adventures of Chico & Guapo – The Complete First Season
ALF: Season 4
The Bob Newhart Show – The Complete Fourth Season
Broken Trail
Buffy: Curse of the Hellmouth
Charlie and Lola, Vol. 1
Charlie and Lola, Vol. 2
Combat – Best of Espionage 5
Combat – Best of the Color Episodes 6
Commander in Chief – The Inaugural Edition, Part 2 (Episodes 11-18)
Doctor Who – Inferno (Episode 54)
Doctor Who – The Web Planet (Episode 13)
Family – The Complete First and Second Seasons
The Flintstones – The Complete Sixth Season
Forensic Investigators Series One
Fraggle Rock: Complete Second Season
Goosebumps: Old Story
Goosebumps: Perfect School
Goosebumps: Shocker on Shock Street
Hustle – Complete Season One
Oz – The Complete Sixth Season
Red Dwarf – The Complete Collection
Silk Stalkings – The Complete Fifth Season
Supernatural – The Complete First Season

Which TV shows on DVD will be making it into your collection?

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