TV Show on DVD Sets: Grey’s Anatomy, Moonlighting, The Office and More

Operation Diagnosis Murder was underway. Avatar The Last Airbender and The Batman were working out of The Office in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Roseanne and Stella were in Smallville trying to find a Black. White. The Swan for SpongeBob SquarePants. At the same time, the Wildboyz were Moonlighting as the Teen Titans and caught a glimpse of Grey’s Anatomy. When they all returned safely it was concluded that the operation was a success and it resulted in a lot of really good TV show on DVD sets being released today.

Prime TV Show on DVD Set Picks

Grey's Anatomy - Season TwoGrey’s Anatomy – Season Two
This is one very well done show. The intermingling of the medical cases and the personal lives of the interns is extraordinary. Some may say that the medical cases are over-the-top a lot of the times. I say, so what? That is so not the point of the show. The hospital, the medical cases, the surgery is all just the backdrop for the interaction of these interesting well written and acted characters and there interaction with each other. The medical stories many times are metaphors for what the main characters are dealing with. Like the two people impaled by a pole in a train accident where only one can be saved. How do you choose? At the same time Derek is dealing with his choice between Meredith and his cheating wife who has come back into the picture. How will he choose? This aspect of the show is always well done. The DVD set includes all 27 season two episodes on six discs. Special features include commentaries by actors, directors and the creator on five episodes, four extended episodes, deleted scenes and an interview with Chandra Wilson among other offerings. Music plays a big part in every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, not just that each show’s title is from a song title, but in setting the mood and adding greatly to each story. So also releasing today is the Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack – Volume 2.

Moonlighting: Season 4
This is one of my favorite shows of all time. While this may have been a down season do to pregnancies, writer’s strikes and what not, it was still better than anything else that was on. Many episodes were carried by the Mr. Viola and Miss DiPesto, which many fans did not care too much for. It is hard to believe that these episodes aired almost twenty years ago. Yet when you catch them in reruns and now on DVD they still hold up very well and soon will be making it into my TV on DVD collection. What about you? The set includes all 14 season four episodes on four discs and is light on special features.

The Office - Season TwoThe Office – Season Two
The Office is one of the top two or three comedies on TV right now. It is cringingly funny. It makes you wince, think and laugh all at the same time. The cast has come together beautifully and each episode is executed to perfection. Season two really built on the first season and most fans of the show will tell you that it got better and better with each subsequent episode. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did, all the way up to the “Casino Night” finale. It was very funny and left you wishing the next season wasn’t a summer away. The DVD set includes all 22 season two episodes on four discs. Special features include commentaries on 10 episodes by cast, producers, writers and directors, deleted scenes, blooper reel and the recent webisodes among other extras. It might just be one of the DVD sets you would want if you were stranded on an island, if that island was equipped with electricity, a TV and a DVD player that is.

Other TV Show on DVD Set Options

Avatar The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1 Collection
The Batman – The Complete Second Season (DC Comics Kids Collection)
Black. White.
Diagnosis Murder – Complete 1st Season
Las Vegas: Season Three
Roseanne – The Complete Fifth Season
Smallville – The Complete Fifth Season
SpongeBob SquarePants – Season 4, Vol. 1
Stella – Season One
Swan: Complete Series
Teen Titans – The Complete Second Season (DC Comics Kids Collection)
Wildboyz – Complete Seasons 3 & 4 Uncensored

What TV show on DVD sets will you be adding to your collection?

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