TV Shows on DVD: Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Mama’s Family, Riptide and More

Daniel Boone was reading The Book of Daniel to the Brotherhood at the top of One Tree Hill in the City of Men. Then a Power Rangers Mystic Force swept over them out of the Dark Shadows. It was a Thriller of Masters of Horror proportions. So the group decided to send in Danger Mouse and Voltron Defender of the Universe with the Transformers Armada to investigate The Kids in the Hall and Mama’s Family. They had threatened in the past to have Ellen, The Munsters and The Benny Hill Show their Bliss which would result in a Riptide of everyone wondering, Whose Line Is It Anyway? This turned out to be a bogus lead and after months of looking into the problem Dick Tracy showed them what had really happened. It turned out to be new TV shows on DVD being delivered to stores for sale that Tuesday.

Prime TV Shows on DVD Pick

Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Season 1, Vol. 1 (Censored)Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Season 1, Vol. 1 (Censored)
An update of the British show by the same name hosted by Drew Carey, this show was very funny. Regulars Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Styles were joined by a rotating fourth guest each week to give us something to laugh at. My favorite was always Wayne Brady making up a song. He might be given a song style or a singer and a subject, many times a person from the audience, to which he would come up with some of the funniest stuff you have ever heard. This quick thinking improvisational comedy style is amazing to watch and always left me laughing. It is good to see that they are finally putting this out on DVD. The set includes 10 episodes on two discs. It looks to be light on special features but does come in two flavors, censored and uncensored.

Other TV Shows on DVD Options

The Benny Hill Show Complete and Unadulterated – The Hill’s Angels Years, Set Five (1982-1985)
Bliss: Season 2
The Book of Daniel: The Complete Series
Brotherhood – The Complete First Season
City of Men
Danger Mouse – The Final Seasons
Daniel Boone – Season One
Daniel Boone – Season Two
Dark Shadows DVD Collection 26
Dick Tracy: The Complete Animated Series
Ellen – The Complete Season Four
The Kids in the Hall: The Best of The Kids in the Hall, Vol. 1
Mama’s Family – The Complete First Season
Masters of Horror: Imprint
The Munsters – Two Movie Fright Fest
One Tree Hill – The Complete Third Season
Power Rangers Mystic Force – Dark Wish – The Blockbuster
Riptide – The Complete First Season
Thriller – The Complete Season One
Transformers Armada: Season 1 – Part 2
Voltron Defender of the Universe – Vol. 1

What new TV shows on DVD look good to you this week? Which ones have you been waiting for?

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