Who played the kidnapper on last weeks Kidnapped on NBC? And More of Your TV Questions Answered

Criminal Minds - Season 1This week we have two questions sent in via email and five others that people have searched for in the last few weeks. These questions include whether shows like Six Degrees on ABC and the Stargate shows on Sci Fi will play again, what happened on Criminal Minds and Without a Trace on CBS, the number of episodes of Eureka on Sci Fi, when Supernatural starts back up again on The CW and who plays that creepy kidnapper on the NBC show Kidnapped.

Mike asked: Will the Six Degrees pilot be rebroadcast or is it available for download?
Well Mike, the Six Degrees “Pilot” is not scheduled for rebroadcast on ABC anytime soon. Should the show make it, it will play again at some point. As for download, it is not presently available at iTunes. Yet if you want to see it and you have a broadband Internet connection you can watch it for free at the ABC website via streaming video. Many of ABC’s shows will be available for about four to six weeks after it airs, including Six Degrees.

Vynessa asked: When will Sci Fi Channel run the repeat of Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 that aired Friday, September 22, 2006?
Vynessa, according to the Sci Fi Channel website the answer is no time soon. It is not on the schedule through the end of October. Both the episodes in question, Stargate Atlantis: “The Return, Part 1” and Stargate SG-1: “The Quest, Part 1,” are available at iTunes. Amazon’s Unbox has the “The Return, Part 1” Stargate Atlantis episode but has yet to post the Stargate SG-1 episode. Amazon is presently offering your first episode download free or $1.99 off your first Amazon Unbox purchase.

What happened at the end of Without a Trace season premiere?
Here is my synopsis of what happened at the end of the fifth season premiere of Without a Trace. They tracked the man to a trailer in the woods where he shot himself when corned. They then searched the surrounding area and found the boy, Daniel, in a hole the man had used before. It turned out that Daniel was not the first boy the guy had taken. He had also abducted another boy a few weeks earlier and the team found him buried in a shallow grave near where he first saw Daniel. It also turned out that the boy that had gotten away and was helping the FBI was not the man’s real son but a boy he had kidnapped 7 years ago. His real name was Max, which they found carved in the wooden door on the hole where they found Daniel. Samantha took him to the house where his mother lived at the end of the episode. The episode ended with them walking to the door hand-in-hand.

What happened in the season premiere of Criminal Minds?
Here is my short synopsis of the season two premiere of Criminal Minds. Elle was shot at the end of last season and is being worked on by paramedics and rushed to the hospital for surgery. While unconscious we see a dream state of her talking with her father who died when she was a little girl off and on throughout the episode. While she is being cared for at the hospital the rest of the team continues to search for “The Fisher King” and the girl he is holding. It turns out that the girl was his daughter. They had lived in Nevada and their house had burned down killing his wife and other children and burning him severely. Only one of his children survived and was placed in foster care and then adopted by another family. The man had been in the institute with Dr. Reid’s mother. He used to tell her stories and write her letters about his job and the people he worked with. She kept a journal, which this guy got his hands on during his stay there. He used the information in them to create his elaborate scheme. Dr. Reid tries to talk the man out when they locate his home but he blows himself up catching the place on fire. Remembering the last clue left Dr. Reid and some of the team head for the basement and find the girl. Dr. Reid had brought the key with him and used it to unlock the girl. Elle comes out of surgery and is going to be OK.

How many episodes of Eureka are scheduled in season one?
There are 12 or 13 depending on whether you count the two-hour “Pilot” episode as one or two episodes. I count that as one episode so I would say there are 12 episodes in the first season of Eureka. The 12th episode and season finale, “Once in a Lifetime,” airs next Tuesday, Oct. 3rd. The first season of Eureka is available at iTunes.

When is the new Supernatural season starting?
The new season, that being the second season of Supernatural, begins tomorrow after the sixth season premiere of Smallville on The CW.

Who played the kidnapper on last weeks Kidnapped on NBC?
Doug Hutchison plays the kidnapper, “Mr. Schroeder,” on Kidnapped. You may recognize him playing a suspect on CSI, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: SVU or as Sebastian Hulce on The Guiding Light.

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