Tonight on the Tube: College Football, CBS Repeats and Saturday Night Live

Ohio State - The History of Buckeye FootballThe new season of Saturday Night Live kicks off tonight. What will the show be like with the smaller cast? Will “Weekend Update” be funny with Seth Meyers replacing Tina Fey behind the desk? Will the sketches be funny? Will I laugh? Will I groan? Will I fall asleep? All these question and more will be answered tonight when I watch the show.

Prime Picks

Saturday Night Football (ABC): Ohio State takes on Iowa in this battle of No. 1 vs. No. 13 in the latest AP Poll as both team try to stay undefeated. The kickoff will be a little after 8:00 p.m. Eastern and will run about three hours or so. This season has seen some pretty great games and the season is still young.

Solid Selections

The Class (CBS): Repeat. The “Pilot” replays. Given the competition of Dateline NBC and Cops this is the best you can do and that isn’t saying much. This was probably the least funny thing I have watched in a long time. Well at least until Ted Danson’s Help Me Help You earlier this week. This show makes ‘Til Death on FOX a laugh riot in comparison.
The Class (CBS): Repeat. The second episode wasn’t any better. CBS is hoping to garner a little more interest in this new show. Show the first two episodes again will not help them towards that goal. I say bring back The King of Queens now instead of midseason.

Jericho (CBS): Repeat. The second episode replays. Now this is a show that you should probably give a look to if you have not watched it yet. The first episode was pretty good. I fear thought that it will be this year’s Invasion as it may make it through the season barely but not be picked up for another.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Repeat. This is an old episode where Det. Fin’s son gets mixed up in a case and looks like a suspect.

Cable Choices

50 Most Outrageous TV Moments (E!): Repeat. See some outrageous moment from TV. Runs two hours.

Trading Spaces (TLC): Repeat. See Frank and Hildi help some skate shop owners do some designing and decorating.

Sports Notes

  • ABC has third round coverage of the American Express Championship golf tournament followed by college football and later more college football.
  • CBS has college football with Alabama at Florida.
  • ESPN has college football with Tennessee at Memphis early and later Michigan at Minnesota.
  • ESPN2 has Wisconsin at Indiana early and later has Houston at Miami followed by Georgia at Mississippi in college football action.
  • FOX has MLB Baseball coverage.
  • FOX Sports has college football.
  • NBC has Purdue at Notre Dame in college football action.
  • OLN has college football with Boise State at Utah.
  • TBS has USC visiting Washington State in college football action.
  • TNT has NASCAR Racing with the Yellow Transportation 300.

Late Night

  • MADtv (FOX): New. Efren Ramirez gets involved in some sketches.
  • Saturday Night Live (NBC): Season Premiere. Hosted by Dane Cook with musical guest the Killers. I just hope they don’t do the Target sketch again as the Dane Cook hosted episode last season is where it made its debut. At least the monologue should be funny.

What will you be watching tonight? Will it be Saturday Night Live?

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