Tonight on the Tube: The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Shark and MLB Playoffs

by Jason the TVaholic on October 5, 2006

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Grey's Anatomy, Vol. 2A little late today with this post because my Internet connection was down. I hate it when that happens. Well tonight has a little of everything: a power play, a lost book, a missing wife, a sick superhero, singing dead people, a donut throwdown and baseball playoffs.

Prime Picks

My Name Is Earl (NBC): New. Earl heads off to make up for #91 on his list after he sees Catalina giving another maid a facial.
The Office (NBC): New. Michael gets in trouble for having a Movie Monday and Angela thinks that Dwight should go after Michael’s job while he is not looking so good.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): New. Cristina tries to help Burke deal with his hand tremors while Izzie tries to return to the hospital for the first time since she quit.

Shark (CBS): New. It looks like the husband did it but did he?

Solid Selections

Smallville (The CW): New. Clark comes down with his first ever cold after cleaning up the mess left by Zod.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): New. Dead bodies in the morgue give voice to what happened to them.

Six Degrees (ABC): New. Laura gets a video that causes her to doubt her dead husband while Caseman is told to separate work from romance.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): New. Emeril kicks up some Latin dishes.

Joan Cusack’s Local Flavor (Travel Channel): New. The flavors of France are visited.

Throwdown With Bobby Flay (Food Network): New. A donut battle is waged.
Ace of Cakes (Food Network): Repeat. Some tricky wedding cakes are made.

Other Options

  • Ugly Betty (ABC): New. Betty takes home a proof book of the magazine and promptly loses it. The first episode of this show was actually quite enjoyable.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Game 2 of the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the San Diego Padres and later has Florida State at North Carolina State in college football action.
  • FOX has Game 2 of the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the New York Mets.
  • OLN has Texas Christian at Utah in college football action.
  • USA has the first round of the Chrysler Classic of Greensboro golf tournament.

Late Night

  • Friday Night Lights (USA): Repeat. The “Pilot” episode replays. This is a very good show.

What will you be watching tonight on the tube?

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