What happened to 7th Heaven on Monday night? And More of Your TV Show Questions Answered

7th Heaven SoundtrackIt is Wednesday and the TVaholic is back with more of your TV show questions answered. You searched for them in the past week or so. Questions include the return of Eureka on Sci Fi, the killer on Reunion, the setting for Ghost Whisperer, Friday Night Lights replays, Nina’s choice on Everwood, the old Sunday Night Football commentator trio and the disappearance 7th Heaven.

Will the television show Eureka be back in January 2007?
Eureka won’t be back in January but it will be back as it has been renewed for a second season. They begin filming next spring for a Summer 2007 return. I would look for it to begin sometime in July like it did this past summer.

Who was the killer on TV Show Reunion?
From what I have read it was going to be the daughter who had been given up for adoption by Sam. Sam’s daughter was to return in later episodes that were never filmed that would have laid the clues to her being the killer.

Where does Ghost Whisperer take place?
Ghost Whisperer takes place in the fictional town of Grandview. Some think that the town is located in Pennsylvania but as far as I know it has not been stated in the show.

NBC Friday Night Lights, what channel is replay?
The “Pilot” episode of Friday Night Lights replayed on Bravo last night. Yet I don’t see anymore scheduled in the next couple weeks on any of NBC’s sister cable networks. Yet there is no Sunday Night Football game scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 22nd on NBC and it looks like they will be playing the first three episodes of Friday Night Lights in a row that night. You can also catch full episodes on the web at NBC Rewind via streaming video.

In the “Foreverwood” 1 and 2 episodes, who does Nina chose?
Well everybody lives happily ever after in the series finale of Everwood. While at the airport, Jake finally ends things with Nina knowing that he will never occupy her heart completely leaving her to stay in Everwood in part one. In part two, Andy finally proposes to Nina and she says yes. Read my review on the “Foreverwood” episodes for what happened to everyone else.

Who used to commentate Sunday Night Football on ESPN?
Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann and Paul Maguire used to be the trio in the booth for Sunday Night Football when it was on ESPN. Joe Theismann is now part of the trio of Monday Night Football commentators on ESPN that includes Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser. Mike Patrick and Paul Maguire are doing college football games for ESPN although not teamed together.

What happened to 7th Heaven on Monday night?
The CW decided to do a little swap of their Sunday and Monday night lineups. The comedy block of Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends and The Game will now be on Monday night. Starting this coming Sunday, 7th Heaven and the new show Runaway will now be on Sunday night. They are hoping the ratings will improve for all of the shows given their new timeslots.

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