Why did Lola Glaudini leave the show Criminal Minds? And More of Your TV Show Questions

Criminal Minds - The First SeasonSeven more question that people have searched for in the last week. They wanted to know why Lola Glaudini is no longer on Criminal Minds, where Wildfire is filmed, what shows have been cancelled or are on the bubble, the whereabouts of a show I have never heard of, and my favorite question about someone’s favorite shows.

Where is Wildfire on ABC Family filmed?
According to the New Mexico Business Weekly the ABC Family show Wildfire is filmed in Rio Rancho, NM. The show takes place in Fremont, CA. Many things are not filmed where they are said to take place but at least this one doesn’t film in Vancouver, BC, Canada like a lot of shows and movies do.

What happened to the show Negotiator on NBC?
I do not know of a show on NBC or any other network by that name. I think you may be thinking of Kidnapped on NBC. The show where the family brings in a specialist to find their teenage son who has been taken, if that is the case then the show you are looking for is now on Saturday nights until it completes its 13 episode run. It was cancelled by NBC but given a chance to close out the story in a shorter amount of episodes than it would have for a complete season. The only show on TV right now that has anything to do with negotiators is Standoff on FOX, which is now back on each Tuesday now that baseball is over.

Was the TV show Men in Trees cancelled?
No, Men in Trees has not been cancelled but it has not been picked up for the season either. On the good news front ABC has ordered a few more scripts of the show. I hope they keep this show, as it is fun to watch.

Which fall shows have already been cancelled or are about to be cancelled?
Smith on CBS, Kidnapped on NBC and Runaway on The CW have been cancelled. Shows on the bubble are Help Me Help You, Six Degrees, The Nine and Men in Trees on ABC, Friday Night Lights, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Twenty Good Years on NBC, Happy Hour, ‘Til Death and Vanished on FOX and The Class on CBS. Although Men in Trees, The Nine, Help Me Help You, Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 have all gotten their initial script orders increased recently.

Will 30 Rock be renewed?
Well it hasn’t even been picked up for the season as of yet, let alone renewed for another. They have been given a vote of confidence from NBC with the move to Thursday nights. They will be on right before ER and after My Name Is Earl, The Office and Scrubs starting Nov. 16th.

When do my favorite TV shows return in fall 2006?
Some questions for Ask the TVaholic are sent in. Most are pulled from my search logs. They allow me to see what people were searching for when they clicked on over to TVaholic. Every once in a while you see some pretty funny ones. This question has to be one of my all-time favorites. Somebody typed this exact question into some search engine and then clicked on a link there to get here. I wonder how smart people think the search engines’ computers are? I am here to tell you that Ask, MSN, Yahoo or even Google have no idea what your favorite shows are.

Why did Lola Glaudini leave the show Criminal Minds?
If you would believe this article from the LA Times, she left because she doesn’t like living in Los Angeles and wanted to move back to the east coast. This may or may not be the case as there has been no official word from Glaudini or the show. The show is filmed in and around Los Angeles. Here is the pertinent quote from the article:

“Criminal Minds,” meanwhile, will be adjusting to a major cast change. Lola Glaudini, who played the morally ambiguous Agent Greenaway, has left the series to return to the East Coast. Bernero said Glaudini was unhappy living in Los Angeles. (Through a representative, Glaudini declined to comment).

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  • bobby bonilla Dec 31, 2011, 4:08 pm

    i think lola is the bees’ knees!

  • brenda chavez Nov 17, 2012, 11:54 am

    i thimk lola was good and i didn’t want her to leave CRIMINAL MINDS and paget brewster was too

  • Mary Ellen Kuhi Jun 21, 2014, 12:57 am

    Lola is greatly missed and I wish she would come back. Her character as so very interesting and edgy. Brewster was also extremely good. She was Morgan as a woman. Smart, somewhat trigger happy with a troubled past. I loved both. the new character to replace them Tripplehorn is terrible in her role. She seems not at all to fit with the team, uncomfortable in her role, I feel no empathy from her and no fascination with her. She should be replaced

  • Vivi Jun 23, 2014, 4:30 pm

    I am SOOO happy “Elle ” left the show. She was the weak link
    Among all the actors on the show. No talent, no affect in her lines
    She does not mesh with the other actors on the show. So, it’s FINE
    With me that she “missed the east coast”. YAY!!!!
    Ding dong Ms Lola’s gone, the talentless dong…. Just trying to show how happy I was and am! How much work has she done since????

  • A J Oct 26, 2015, 1:34 pm

    She should come back.

  • Mary Ellen Kuhi Oct 28, 2015, 6:35 pm

    I loved Lola and especially loved Prentiss but the last three are 3 thumbs down in my book. Why can’t the casting director find the perfect person. They didn’t have trouble with the rest of the cast. I think this lack of ability to replace Lola and Prentiss with the correct person could eventually bring down the show. Blake was a disaster – I think most agree with that, the next one got was improving but when she first came on looked like a strong wind could blow her over. Their latest prodigy is even worse. She’s taller than Hodge, not graceful like many of the othe woman of color who have been subs or sherrifs on the show, doesn’t show derring do or rebellion like both Prentiss and Lola did. We need a character willing to take risks, at times break the rules but not too much, and be very very brave with a strong sense of humor like Prentiss and Lola. I despair that everyone who comes on is worse than the last. The two woman who substituted for AJ were very good but I guess you can’t have 3 blonds. I would have taken the African American woman. There are so many beautiful, graceful, smart talented actresses out there why does Criminal minds keep picking losers for a very special role. It is not that they may not be fine actresses in a different setting but they don’t work for criminal minds. Also, Hodge needs a girlfriend and one that can talk back got just giggle and have sex like the last one. A very stong woman like his wife was.

  • Shubh Patel Jun 3, 2016, 11:40 pm

    The reasons why I watched Criminal Minds were Lola and Mandy. I wasnt even able to imagine how the show would be without them. I just started watching the show in 2016. From season 1 on netflix.

  • Beefdr Sep 28, 2016, 4:34 pm

    Hated Elle. Elated when she left. I’ve yet to see a really good replacement for Prentice and JJ. Didnt think id like tripplephorn (never have before) but she turned out decent although seemed like she thoyght she was above the rest. Hewlette also proved not to be the disaster I expected, she will nor be missed. Never liked Tyler either.

  • Barbara null Sep 30, 2016, 6:51 am

    I, too, lost interest when Lola and Mandy left, esp Mandy. Main reason for not watching was sadistic assaults on women.

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