New TV on DVD: Police Squad!, JAG, The West Wing and More

She-Ra: Princess of Power had been Grounded for Life after she had let Clifford the Big Red Dog Inside the Actors Studio. He had really M*A*S*Hed things up and The Electric Company had to be called in to restore power. This didn’t sit well with her because she had recently met her Ultraman online and was going to travel to meet him. He lived in The West Wing of an Ark II sized mansion that set at Gross Pointe on Melrose Place in Beverly Hills, 90210. The dog wasn’t doing well either and was sent to a veterinarian Doctor Who could pull the JAGged glass out of his paw. After the Police Squad! had finished their investigation, it turned out that The Sopranos were behind the whole thing. They had used it as a diversion in an attempt to rob a warehouse full of new TV on DVD before they were put out for sale on Tuesday. See what they were trying to get their hands on below.

Prime TV on DVD Pick

Police Squad! The Complete SeriesPolice Squad! The Complete Series
If you liked The Naked Gun then you will enjoy these six episodes. This was the precursor to the movies and was on television for the 1982 season. Many of the sight gags and jokes were reused for the movies, especially the first one. If you think Randy on My Name Is Earl is the king of the non sequitur then you need to check out Police Squad! as the Zuckers are who really hold the crown. The TV on DVD set includes all six episodes on one disc. Special features include commentary by the creators on select episodes, a new interview with star Leslie Neilson, a gag real and a featurette regarding the “freeze frames” that ended each show. This is one that will definitely be making it into my TV on DVD collection. It would make a great Christmas gift for that friend with the wacky sense of humor.

Other TV on DVD Options

Ark II: The Complete Series
The Best Of The Electric Company – Volume 2
Beverly Hills, 90210 – The Complete First Season
Clifford: The Best of Clifford Giftset
Doctor Who – The Hand of Fear (Episode 87)
Doctor Who – The Mark of the Rani (Episode 140)
Grosse Pointe – The Complete Series ( Exclusive)
Grounded for Life – Season Four
Inside The Actors Studio: Dave Chappelle
Inside The Actors Studio – Icons (Paul Newman / Robert Redford / Barbra Streisand / Clint Eastwood)
JAG – The Complete Second Season
M*A*S*H – Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection
M*A*S*H – Season Eleven (Collector’s Edition)
Melrose Place – The Complete First Season
She-Ra: Princess of Power – Season One, Vol. 1
The Sopranos – Season 6, Part 1 [HD-DVD]
Ultraman, Vol. 2
The West Wing – The Complete Seventh Season
The West Wing – The Complete Series Collection

What TV shows on DVD will you be adding to your collection this week? Which ones only rate a Netflix rental? Which ones will never see the inside of your DVD player? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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