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House TV Show PosterThe Quote of the Week from two weeks ago was a funny House quote from Dr. House himself. Another funny dialogue was delivered on My Name Is Earl and Denny Crane is always good for a good line. These funny quotes were heard on TV during the week of Oct. 29th, 2006. Read on and enjoy!

Funny Quote of the Week

Show: House (FOX)
Episode: Fools for Love (Season 3)
The Setup: House is going through a woman’s locker who he thinks is dating Dr. Wilson. Dr. Cameron is trying to keep the conversation focused on the patient.
Dr. Cameron: Married couple. Same disease. They either got it from each other or in the same place.
Dr. House: Infectious or environmental? What you have to do is check out parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, pryons, radiation, toxins, chemicals or it’s Internet porn related. I’ll check the Internet. You guys cover the rest of the stuff.

Other Funny Dialogue

Show: My Name Is Earl (NBC)
Episode: Made a Lady Think I Was God (Season 2)
The Setup: The topic of brothers and sisters telling each other they love the other one has come up after Earl and Randy were watching an old war movie in which a brother dies in the other one’s arms. They are very uncomfortable with the idea.
Randy: Hey Darnell. You ever tell your sister you love her?
Darnell: I said it once when I thought she was dead. But she was just passed out from low blood sugar. I’m still glad I said it. Now they have her on insulin; who knows when I’ll get another chance.

Show: Boston Legal (ABC)
Episode: Trick or Treat (Season 3)
The Setup: Denny has found out that his girlfriend, Bethany who is a little person, is the daughter of a woman he once dated and almost married. The mother then tells Denny that he may be Bethany may be his daughter. He is talking about it with Alan.
Alan: Is she sure?
Denny: No. Going to have to have a paternity test. Can two full size people have a midget?
Alan: Does Bethany know?
Denny: I don’t know. God, it is one thing to date a dwarf but to have fathered one.
Alan: Denny I bet Bethany does know.
Denny: Why? (Alan gives him a look to indicate that she is standing between them once again.) Ohh Goddd…
Alan: Fraid so.
Denny: (Looking down) Hi honey. (She looks up at him) Whose your daddy?

What funny House quotes or other funny lines made you laugh recently?

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