New on DVD: The Adventures of Superman, Friends, Northern Exposure and More

The Adventures of Superman were becoming less and less adventurous as he had really cleaned up this planet we call the 3rd Rock from the Sun. There wasn’t much need for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or NCIS anymore as there had been a sharp decline in Homicide. Life on the Street had taken a Quantum Leap for the good as you no longer saw Gunsmoke everywhere and people weren’t ending up Six Feet Under. Yet as a precaution Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers still were on patrol.

So, Lois & Clark had become more than Friends and were going to get married and start a life together. They had found a place in Little Britain with a great Northern Exposure. He had decided to Get Smart and settle down. He was to give up his Black Books and become a Family Guy with That Girl he always dreamed of. The place they found was in need of a little Home Improvement work but with his super speed that would be no problem.

The night before the wedding Columbo took Clark out for his bachelor party while Reba had a bachelorette party for Lois. They went to a nightclub called DuckTales but unfortunately it was senior’s night and The Golden Girls were going to be dancing. Clark almost threw up when he saw the marquee and that would have caused some bad Adventures of the Gummi Bears he had eaten on the way over. Even though he thought he might be driven Looney Tunes, this is the life he had chosen. It would now be Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Prime New on DVD Pick

Friends - The Complete Series CollectionFriends – The Complete Series Collection
If you never got a chance to purchase The One with All Ten Seasons now you have another chance with this new release of the entire series. This one includes a special 60-page commemorative book that has the original pitch for the pilot and some behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and crew. This is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. I can watch these episodes over and over and they still make me laugh. This new on DVD set includes all 236 episodes on 40 discs. Special features include gag reels and featurettes. Pop in a disc the next time you are on a break and relive all the fun with your six favorite friends. Another fun way to watch these episodes is to create your own mini marathons. Like watching all the Thanksgiving or Christmas episodes to get you ready for each holiday. Who doesn’t remember Monica and Ross playing football for the Geller Cup? Or, Chandler and Joey’s box of gas station Christmas gifts?

Other New on DVD Options

3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 6
Adventures of Superman – The Complete Fifth and Sixth Seasons
Black Books – The Complete Second Series
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – The Complete Sixth Season
Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – Volume 2
Columbo – The Complete Sixth and Seventh Seasons
DuckTales – Volume Two
Family Guy, Vol. 4 (Season 4: Part 2)
Get Smart – The Complete Series
The Golden Girls – The Complete Sixth Season
Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Vol. 1 – Seasons 1-3
Gunsmoke – The Directors Collection
Home Improvement – The Complete Fifth Season
Homicide Life on the Street – Complete Series Megaset
Little Britain – The Complete Third Series
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – The Complete Fourth Season
Looney Tunes – Golden Collection, Volume Four
Looney Tunes – Spotlight Collection Vol. Four
NCIS – The Complete Second Season
Northern Exposure – The Complete Fifth Season
Quantum Leap – The Complete Fifth Season
Reba: Season 4
Six Feet Under – The Complete Series Gift Set
That Girl – Season 2

What TV shows on DVD will you be adding to your collection this week? Which ones only rate a Netflix rental? Which ones will never see the inside of your DVD player? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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