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A Power Rangers Mystic Force had come over Ellen. It was the exact opposite of being Touched by an Angel and it shook her to her Bones, as it turned her into one of those Girls Behaving Badly and soured her Flavor of Love. She wished that she were St. Elsewhere, hanging out with her friend Joan of Arcadia at her Little House on the Prairie. Even though Joan was one of the most annoying people on the planet, it would’ve been like 7th Heaven compared to what was happening to her right now. She was being sent on a mission by one of the most evil Criminal Minds in the country to put and end to Jamie Kennedy. The Thundercats had been called in for extra security but had not yet arrived when someone yelled, “Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up!” And sure enough, he was. The scene was so horrifying that forevermore when asked, Are You Afraid of The Dark? The answer would be a definite, yes!

Prime TV Show DVD Pick

Joan of Arcadia - The Second SeasonJoan of Arcadia – The Second Season
The second season was the last for Joan of Arcadia. CBS cancelled it for the unwatchable Ghost Whisperer. This was the season where Joan started to see that what was happening to her was for a reason. They set up a struggle between her and someone of a darker nature to go up against, which would have happened in the third season had there been one. At its basics this was a family drama and a really good one at that. The stories they told and the caliber of actors they had telling them were outstanding. While you may be left hanging a bit by the end of this season the episodes that get you there are worth watching even if they weren’t quite up to season one. The DVD set has all 22 season two episodes on six discs. Special features include commentaries on select episodes, a tour of the high school and a look at season two featurette.

Other TV Show DVD Options

7th Heaven – The Complete Third Season
Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Complete Second Season
Bones – The Complete 1st Season
Criminal Minds – The First Season
Ellen – The Complete Season Five
Flavor Of Love – The Complete Second Season
Girls Behaving Badly – Volume One
Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin Up
Little House on the Prairie – Special Edition Movie Boxed Set
Power Rangers Mystic Force – Fire Heart (Vol. 3)
Power Rangers Mystic Force – Legendary Catastros (Vol. 2)
St. Elsewhere – Season 1
Thundercats – Season Two, Vol. 2
Touched By an Angel – The Third Season, Vol. 2

What TV shows on DVD will you be adding to your collection this week? Which ones only rate a Netflix rental? Which ones will never see the inside of your DVD player? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
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