Tonight on the Tube: Justice, Las Vegas, Battlestar Galactica and Paula Deen

Get Las Vegas: Season 3 on DVDJustice gets another new night in the first hour of primetime tonight on FOX. Will the third night be the charm? Does it have any chance of garnering an audience or will it go the way of Vanished, which was previously moved to Friday night and then cancelled soon after. Las Vegas has a two-hour mega episode tonight. You will also find a repeat of Monday’s Heroes episode, “Six Months Ago,” on the Sci Fi Channel tonight before new episodes of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica.

Prime Picks

Justice (FOX): New. Tom tries to get the firm behind a guy accused of killing his wife. Another new night for this show, will you be watching?

Las Vegas (NBC): New. Delinda has been kidnapped and Ed and Danny only have 12 hours to find her. Runs two hours.

Solid Selections

The Polar Express (ABC): Released 2004. Tom Hanks voices the train conductor in this animated tale about a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. Runs two hours.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. A valuable painting is stolen from a museum and the team thinks it might be an insurance scam.

Cable Choices

Doctor Who (Sci Fi): New. Part 2 of 2 has Rose battling the murderous Ood while the Doctor must sacrifice something to save the universe.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi): New. An impromptu boxing tournament brings back bad memories for those who spent time on New Caprica.

Paula’s Party (Food Network): New. Get a little help in keeping kitchen disasters to a minimum.

Other Options

  • Christmas in America (Food Network): Repeat. Rachael Ray takes a look at holiday traditions around the country.
  • The Princess Bride (Bravo): Released 1987. A stable boy sets out to save the princess from marrying the evil prince in this very fun film classic.
  • What Not to Wear: Redo My Spouse (TLC): New. A couple is chosen to get help with picking out a new wardrobe for each other.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has NBA action with the Sacramento Kings at the Dallas Mavericks.
  • ESPN has the Conference USA college football final.

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