What happened to the TV show 3 Lbs? And More TV Show Questions Answered

Here we go again with seven questions people have been searching for the last few weeks. Today we find out what happened to the TV show 3 Lbs, what is with the Smallville repeats, where did Jericho go, how many episodes of Monarch Cove there are and when will they end, where the gang used to hang in Beverly Hills, 90210 and when might we see more of season three of Entourage. Read on and enjoy!

When does the third season of Entourage come out on DVD?
I would assume sometime next June before the fourth season begins like the season two set did before season three started, this past June. Yet, the entire third season of Entourage has not aired yet. They only aired the first 12 episodes of a 20 episode third season over the summer. The remaining eight episodes are scheduled to begin showing on HBO Sunday, March 18th, 2007.
Update 4-3-2007: Entourage – Season Three, Part 1 has been released. Also, the remaining eight episodes begin playing on Sunday, April 8th.

Smallville, why the repeats so early?
The repeats haven’t really started early. It just seems early as compared to other shows. But don’t worry there is a new Smallville episode tomorrow night. Looking at what they had done previously back on The WB for the first five seasons, they did the same thing as they are doing now. The show starts around the end of September or the beginning of October and runs into late November without repeats. Then there is a December episode and then the show returns in mid January.

Has the show Jericho been cancelled?
No, the CBS show Jericho has not been cancelled. It is taking a break for a bit the same way Prison Break and Lost are doing by having a fall finale and then returning next year with new episodes. Shows like these tend not to do very well when repeated. Also shows like these tend to lose momentum in the story telling when you have to wait a week or two for the next new episode. So when Jericho and the others return they will play straight through to the end of the season without interruptions. Jericho will return on February 21st, 2007. Until then you can go back and watch the first eleven episodes at the CBS Jericho website where you can also join in on the message boards and float your theories with other Jericho fans. For a more portable option you can download Jericho episodes at iTunes.

When will Monarch Cove end?
The last episode of the Lifetime TV show Monarch Cove is scheduled to run on Saturday, December 16th, 2006.

How many episodes of Monarch Cove are left this season?
As of this writing there are four more episodes left of Monarch Cove. That makes 14 the total number of episodes for the show.

On the old TV show Beverly Hills, 90210, what was their hangout?
The place where the gang hung out and Brandon worked on Beverly Hills, 90210 was The Peach Pit.

What happened to the TV show 3 Lbs?
CBS gave it one episode per pound and 3 Lbs even did worse than Smith did in the same timeslot and they had already cancelled that. That third hour of primetime slot on Tuesday nights for CBS sure seems to be a show killer ever since Judging Amy was thrown out of court. It jettisoned two pretty good shows last season in Threshold, after a switch with Close to Home, and Love Monkey and has kicked two more to the curb already this season. For the near future CBS will be airing repeats of their crime procedurals until they find another TV show they want to kill off quickly.

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  • Sophie Oct 27, 2008, 9:01 am

    Will we be seeing new episodes of Medium?? There were about 3 new shows after the writers strike but nothing so far this fall.

  • Jason the TVaholic Oct 28, 2008, 3:26 pm

    Sophie, There will be more Medium. It is presently scheduled to return on Sunday nights after football is over.

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