Tonight on the Tube: Bones, Day Break, Criminal Minds, MythBusters and The Lost Room

Get a MythBusters Human Guinea Pig T-Shirt at AmazonDavid Duchovny directs, Taye Diggs repeats, Kevin James gets managerial, Shemar Moore gets arrested, Gary Sinise investigates, Patricia Arquette contradicts, Jaime and Adam detonate, Peter Krause roominates, Matthew Perry teaches and Kobe Bryant plays basketball are among the many TV happenings on the tube tonight.

Prime Picks

Bones (FOX): New. A body is found mutilated atop a Federal building and Booth and the team investigate it. Brennan’s father contacts her. This episode was directed by David Duchovny of X-Files fame.

Day Break (ABC): New. Hopper tracks down a major player in the scheme to frame him for the Garza murder but his action seem to really be affecting the day in a strange way.

CSI: NY (CBS): New. A teenage gets shot while protecting her baby sister and the team must figure out who did it with the assistance of her hearing-impaired family.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): New. To prove to Carrie that he doesn’t just want to be a driver for the rest of his working days, Doug decides to go into management at IPS.
The King of Queens (CBS): New. Doug traumatizes Major with a scary story at bedtime and must work to regain his love.

Criminal Minds (CBS): New. Morgan gets charged with a murder in Chicago and the team must delve into his past to prove he didn’t do it.

Medium (NBC): New. Allison is having visions that don’t lineup with what the FBI’s profiler is coming up with in the case of a serial killer they are tracking.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril cooks up all that is need for a dinner party from appetizers to the main course and dessert.

The Lost Room (Sci Fi): New. Part 3 of 3 plays tonight where Joe uses all he has learned to find the Prime Object and save his daughter. Plays twice and again tomorrow while Part 2 plays right before. Runs two hours.

Other Options

  • MythBusters (Discovery Channel): New. The guys get to make their biggest explosion yet in an attempt to test a World War II myth.
  • Professional Poker Tour (Travel Channel): New. Two hours of the final table from the Mirage.
  • The Ron Clark Story (TNT): Released 2006. See the TNT original movie starring Matthew Perry as the innovative teacher again. Runs two hours.
  • Sleeper Cell: American Terror (Showtime): New. Part 4 of 8 plays tonight.

Sports Notes

  • EPSN has an NBA doubleheader with the Phoenix Suns at the Miami Heat followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at the Dallas Mavericks.

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