What TV shows have been cancelled in 2006? And Other TV Question Answered

This week we had three question sent in via email and four pulled from the search logs. Information on the show Reba was a popular pick. Others wanted to know if William Shatner is leaving Boston Legal, what happened in the season premiere of The King of Queens and what TV shows have been given the old heave-ho so far this season.

Andrea asked: Is Monarch Cove returning for a second season?
As of right now I have not seen any info on whether Monarch Cove will return or not for a second season. My feeling is that it won’t as it was originally scheduled for 20 episodes but has been knocked down to only 14. Also it was originally on in the primetime hours on Saturday nights and then moved to a later timeslot on Friday and Saturday nights. When a show starts being moved and getting the episode order cut, it usually isn’t a good sign. Maybe more news will be forthcoming after the final two episodes of the season play this Friday and Saturday. Stay tuned.

Ann asked: Who played Elizabeth on the TV show Reba? She looks like the Olson twins at that age.
Lila Braff has played Elizabeth Montgomery in three episodes, the most recent being December 3rd, 2006.

Lynn asked: Is William Shatner leaving Boston Legal?
No, William Shatner is not leaving Boston Legal. He is doing the game show, Show Me the Money, in addition to Boston Legal.

Where is the Reba television show filmed?
Reba is filmed at the Fox Studios in Century City, CA.

Who plays Barbara Jean on Reba?
Melissa Peterman plays Barbara Jean on Reba. You may remember her as Hooker #2 in the movie Fargo.

On the first episode of The King of Queens, what happened?
Well, Carrie thought Doug should be more involved in their finances and entrusted him to take their tax return and think about some investments with and advisor he is supposed to meet with. On the way there he stops at an Ice Cream truck and the guy has a For Sale sign in the window. Doug sees this as an investment he can get behind. Things seem to be going well for him until a rival Ice Cream truck starts following him around, running him off the road and such. The only thing you see is the driver’s snakeskin boots. Doug scared and wanting to get rid of the truck sells it back to the previous owner for much less than he paid originally. He puts the For Sale sign back up and another guy comes up to inquire and as he walks away with the guy the camera pans down to his boots and they are the same as the rival Ice Cream Truck drivers.

What TV shows have been cancelled in 2006?
Well let us go at this on a network-by-network basis. ABC has pulled Six Degrees and The Nine, neither of which has officially been cancelled. CBS cancelled Smith and its replacement 3 Lbs. FOX has killed off Vanished and Justice seems to be on its way out as well. NBC cancelled Kidnapped and Twenty Good Years. The CW threw away Runaway. Pretty much everything else has been given a full season.

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  • Darleen Gilmore Nov 22, 2010, 8:25 am

    I am trying to find out when the TV series “New Attitudes” was cancelled. I believe it was on a cable channel. It discussed everyday issues, i.e. a financial advisor helping a couple with their finances. I was on that show and trying to find the date?

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