‘Twas the Week Before Christmas — 2006

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through TV land,
Most shows were in repeats, so the schedule was again quite bland,
The remotes were sitting quietly next to the TV gear,
I was just hoping to get power before the New Year,
Samsung LNS3251D 32\
A big ole windstorm had come through my town.
Leaving me in the dark with my face in a frown,
I am not able to watch any of my favorite TV shows,
All I can do is read a book or listen to my radios,
The Office - Season Two
Luckily I was able to record The Office on NBC,
But have yet to see what Michael did at the Christmas Party
The power went out before Christmakkuh I could record,
Hopefully one day a generator I will be able to afford,
Not that it would have probably helped that much,
As the cable had most likely stopped working and such,
Six days without power for goodness sake,
But since it’s not on I won’t miss Day Break,
They say this could go on for the rest of the week,
I hope not, as I am already starting to tweak,
At least when the electricity does finally return,
I will have the last couple of episodes of Dexter to turn,
They are just waiting onDemand from my cable company Comcast,
They give me access to Showtime and HBO shows from the past.
Black & Decker StormStation All-In-One Rechargeable Power Source
That is enough about the conditions here with the blackout,
It could have been worse so I shouldn’t whine or pout.
Desperate Networks : Starring Katie Couric Les Moonves Simon Cowell Dan Rather Jeff Zucker Teri Hatcher Conan O'Brien Donald Trump and a Host of Other Movers and Shakers Who
So, what else is on this week before the big holiday?
Well let’s take a look see what’s on the way.
Will there be anything on the tube worth taking a look?
Or will I be better off in the dark with my book.
Deal or No Deal
NBC is trying to recreate the ratings of Deal or No Deal,
But from what I have read Identity doesn’t have the same feel,
They are doing another weeklong event,
But to the scrap heap this show should be sent,
It is hosted by Penn of Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!
It doesn’t really matter, as it won’t turn into a hit.
A Christmas Story Movie Official Table Leg Lamp
Next Monday is Christmas can you believe,
A bunch of repeats the networks will again weave,
After a morning of gifts I can then report,
That Shaq and Kobe will once again be on the court,
But the day before TBS has a movie marathon,
For 24 hours A Christmas Story will be on,
Another holiday classic will also be on NBC,
They will be broadcasting A Wonderful Life on TV.
Police Squad! The Complete Series
Maybe if Santa heard my one Christmas list plea,
I will be watching Police Squad and other shows on DVD,
This is a possibility for me I do hope,
Because if not I don’t know how I’ll cope,
This will also keep me happy when shows are in repeat,
Because watching favorite old shows is really quite neat.
24 - Season Five
As the New Year approaches I have a thought or two,
I still don’t understand why networks execs do what they do,
Many a new fall show the networks have banished,
Like Runaway, Kidnapped, Smith and Vanished,
Others have been hung out in an on-hiatus state,
With shows like The Nine and Six Degrees awaiting a grim fate,
But it won’t be that long until some great shows come back,
The TVaholic will be watching Heroes, Prison Break and 24’s Jack.

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