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Give iTunes Gift CertificatesSo you have been running around this holiday season looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. You know they really like watching TV and even know what some of their favorite shows are but didn’t come up with anything good while out trudging through the malls. Well you are in luck. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas that you can still get right up until the wrapping paper starts to fly and you don’t even need to leave the house to get them.

Gift Certificates

Over at iTunes you can purchase gift certificates and send them via email. They have more than just music at iTunes. The TV fan on your list can find many of their TV favorites available for download like The Office, Lost, Prison Break and more.

Click on over to Amazon and purchase some gift certificates. You can print out a certificate to give in person or have it sent via email. The TV fan on your list can purchase just what they want. Whether it is TV shows on DVD, books about TV, soundtracks or anything else. They will be very happy with your gift. Printing the certificate out and giving it with a nice note or card can solve that last minute gift problem.

TV Show DVD Rentals

Get them a gift subscription to Netflix. They have more than just movies. If it comes out on DVD then they probably have it available. This includes every TV show that gets released on DVD. Perfect for catching up on shows they have missed or ones they want to reacquaint themselves with again but without having to buy every TV show DVD boxed set that comes out. I used it to catch up on the first season of Lost over the summer before the new season started and also to rent the original BBC The Office series. You can print the gift certificate or send it by email.

Give the Gift of Netflix this Holiday Season

Magazine Subscriptions

Once again Amazon comes in handy. A subscription to American Idol the Magazine, Battlestar Galactica Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Everyday With Rachael Ray, Lost Magazine, Sci-Fi, TV Guide and many more would make a great gift for your friend the TV lover.

Well there they are. Four ideas to finish off that Christmas gift list at the last minute. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

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