Tonight on the Tube: Repeats on the Networks, Monk, Psych and Paula’s Party

Get Monk Episodes at iTunesWell, I guess we get a night of repeats to go with the rest of this rollercoaster week of new shows on the networks. If you missed last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, then tonight you have a second chance to see it. If you saw it already then your best bets tonight are on cable with Monk and Psych on USA, Paula’s Party on Food Network and a replay of the season premiere of The Dresden Files on Sci Fi Channel. Also of note on Sci Fi tonight are a replay of Monday’s Heroes episode and Sunday’s Battlestar Galactica, which actually had fewer viewers on Sunday night than in its former Friday night timeslot. Which do you prefer, the new Sunday night slot or would you rather have it back on Friday?

Prime Picks

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeat. Last night’s episode replays where Bailey wants to start a free clinic out of the hospital and the marriage proposals start a flyin’ at the end of the show.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC): Repeat. This episode was from two weeks ago, where Kevin starts seeing a soap opera actor and Kitty and Nora get sucked in to using a matchmaker.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. The “Two Daughters” episode replays where Megan is kidnapped and the team searches for her.

Solid Selections

1 vs. 100 (NBC): New. Well, at least it is new.

Las Vegas (NBC): Repeat. An episode from earlier this season where Sam may be in trouble after having three of her clients stiff her and Adam Carolla helps Mary with her fear of doing standup.

Law & Order (NBC): Repeat. A man who was lured by a magazine trying to out pedophiles winds up dead and the detectives investigate.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril gets in some “Hot Licks” tonight.

Monk (USA): New. The wealthy neighbors of Natalie’s parents die and she thinks there was foul play involved. Monk goes undercover as a butler, which he finds he really enjoys. Plays again later.

Psych (USA): New. Det. Lassiter is feeling down about his crime solving abilities and Shawn sets out to boost his confidence by helping him solve a case from behind the scenes. Plays again later.

Other Options

  • The Dresden Files (Sci Fi): Repeat. The series premiere from last Sunday replays after a replay of last Monday’s Heroes. The first episode wasn’t that great but served well enough to setup that major storylines. It shows promise and will need to be given at least a couple more episodes to see if they can realize it.
  • Hyperdrive (BBC America): New. A clueless leader has to be dealt with when they visit a foreign planet tonight.
  • Jake 2.0 (Sci Fi): Repeats. Two episodes play tonight. In the Jake has to go back to college undercover and in the second Lee Majors guest stars as a legendary operative.
  • Paula’s Party (Food Network): New. Paula throws a southern style luau.
  • What Not to Wear (TLC): New. A woman in senior management wants a more feminine look. Plays twice tonight.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has NBA action with the Washington Wizards at the Detroit Pistons followed by the Winter X Games.
  • ESPN2 has the women’s finals of the Australian Open tennis tournament.
  • Golf Channel has the second round of the Buick Invitational from Torrey Pines with Tiger Woods five shots off the pace after day one.

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