Tonight on the Tube: American Idol, House, Boston Legal and Veronica Mars

by Jason the TVaholic on January 30, 2007

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Get Veronica Mars Episodes at Amazon UnboxA few repeat shows pepper the nights landscape but House is back with a new episode as well as Veronica Mars. I wish the two shows weren’t on at the same time but that’s what a VCR or a TiVo is for. I will be watching House and recording Veronica Mars. What will you be doing? On another note, it kind of shocked me to see that this was going to be post #700 here at TVaholic. Can you believe it? Well, I hope you find the site as helpful for you as I find preparing it each day is for me. And now back to our regular posting…

Prime Picks

American Idol (FOX): New. Auditions from Alabama where they have found some great talent before.

House (FOX): New. All right, House is finally back with a new episode and it promises to be good from the promos they have been playing. We have Cuddy coming to collect from House and a case of a woman who says she was recently raped and has an STD.

Boston Legal (ABC): New. An animal rights group attacks Bella and Denny takes her case while Bethany is the lawyer for the other side. Meanwhile Brad thinks he isn’t the only benefiting from a friendship with Denise.

Solid Selections

Gilmore Girls (The CW): New. Luke and Anna face off in a hearing to decide custody while Lorelai makes Jackson tell her why Sookie has been acting so strange lately.

Veronica Mars (The CW): New. Veronica finds out that a girl is not who she says she is. Keith takes a deeper look into the Dean’s suicide.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Repeat. The detectives track down the person who has been raping the same women multiple times.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Get some new ideas for preparing a hot dog.

Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel): New. Mike tries being a well digger in Tennessee.

The Closer (TNT): Repeat. Priority Homicide looks into the claim of a distraught mother after her son dies in surgery at a local hospital.

Other Options

  • Dirt (FX): New. Some photos are published. People are pissed off. Runs 65 minutes and plays twice.
  • Lincoln Heights (FX): Repeat. Monday’s episode replays.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has a college basketball doubleheader.
  • ESPN2 has a college basketball game.

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