Tonight on the Tube: A Hero is Betrayed, Matt’s Writing is Delayed and Jack Becomes More Dismayed – Plus TV Marathons

The Three Stooges DVD Collection (Curly Classics / Spook Louder / All the World's a Stooge)Well, today is Presidents Day and with that you will find some TV show marathons on the tube today, none about presidents, curiously enough. The one channel you would think would, the History Channel, has shows about Star Trek. Anyway, you can see the listing below but your best bets are Jake 2.0 on the Sci Fi Channel and The Three Stooges on Spike.

Prime Picks

Prison Break (FOX): New. It turns out the former Warden Pope may have some information in helping to bring down the conspiracy and C-Note worries about his daughter while T-Bag takes the Hollanders to where he grew up as child.

Heroes (NBC): New. Peter finds out that he and Claude have been deceived and the radioactive guy meets up with Matt. Runs 61 minutes.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC): New. Matt is dealing with a bout of writer’s block while he has to deal with a sexual harassment claim. Danny and Jordan are trying to figure out who is the better parent and make a game out of it.

Solid Selections

How I Met Your Mother (CBS): New. Ted throws out some mementos he has been saving from old girlfriends while Barney gets everyone to come to his play.
The Class (CBS): New. Nicole realizes how much she liked having the guys around now that they are finished working on her and Yonk’s house.

24 (FOX): New. Milo is stuck in a situation and when Jack finally arrives he finds out that his father is behind the house bomb that just went off and much more.

CSI: Miami (CBS): New. Horatio takes down a doctor with secrets while a baby sitter’s parents murder is investigated.

Cable Choices

Wildfire (ABC Family): New. Matt and Jean are thinking about taking an offer that could save Raintree while Gillian and Junior get a bit closer after there dates both don’t show up.

Unwrapped (Food Network): New. Get a look at the machinery behind some of your favorite foods.
Unwrapped (Food Network): Repeat. Delectables that delight are shown.

The Secret Life Of … (Food Network): Repeat. Get the history of snacks at the movies.
The Secret Life Of … (Food Network): Repeat. See how theme restaurant developed.

Other Options

  • Nora Roberts’ Carolina Moon (Lifetime): Released 2007. Based on the novel of the same name we have a woman returning to her home in South Carolina who starts to remember the murder of a friend when she was younger. Runs two hours.
  • Rules of Engagement (CBS): New. Audrey doesn’t think Jeff could get the phone number of a younger woman and makes a bet with him while Jennifer wants to get a new bed because Oliver got this one with an ex.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS): New. Charlie is starting to become insecure regarding his age and gets a little help from Chandler’s mother, I mean, guest star Morgan Fairchild.
  • What About Brian (ABC): New. Tiffani Thiessan (Beverly Hills, 90210, Saved by the Bell) joins the cast as Dave’s new boss who used to be his intern at one time. Bridget goes away on business and the girls downstairs get Brian to let them use his place to throw a party.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has a college basketball doubleheader with Kansas at Kansas State in the second game.

Presidents Day TV Marathons

BET has 10 episodes of Romeo! early in the day.
Bravo has eight episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County.
Court TV has nine episodes of Dominic Dunne: Power, Privilege & Justice.
Disney Channel has 12 episodes of Cory in the House.
Discovery Channel has 13 episodes of Futureweapons.
Discovery Health has eight episodes of Medical Incredible.
Discovery Times has eight episodes of Justice Files.
E! has the five episode show 101 Favorite Stars Way Back When.
Food Network has a five hour Rachael Ray Marathon today.
FOX Reality has 10 episodes of Rob and Amber: Against the Odds early.
FX has 24 episodes of King of the Hill.
Sci Fi has 10 episodes of Jake 2.0.
Spike has 20 episodes of The Three Stooges.
Style has 21 episodes of How Do I Look?
TLC has six episodes of Moving Up followed by five episodes of Flip That House.
TNT has 24 hours of Law & Order today.
Travel Channel has 11 episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.
VH1 has six episodes of I Love New York.

What looks good to you on TV tonight?

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