New TV on DVD: Magnum P.I., The Rockford Files and More

Magnum P.I. - The Complete Sixth SeasonDog the Bounty Hunter and Magnum P.I. had been hired to find a list of new TV shows that were to be released on DVD today. The Immortal Captain N: The Game Master had bogged down Da Vinci’s Inquest into DVD sets of TV shows. The information needed to be added to The Rockford Files for safekeeping, as the The State Within the TV on DVD industry had become quite fragmented. Magnum got a tip from one of the Captain’s former Girlfriends that he was hiding out At the Hotel in Reno with a list that included: The Doris Day Show, The Flip Wilson Show and many others. The Captain had hoped hiding in a haunted hotel would help him. Yet, this did not deter the Dog, as he made a quick call to Reno 911! and had the Ghostbusters sent out as backup. A short time later they emerged with the list of TV on DVD sets that are available today, February 27th, which you can see for yourself below.

New TV on DVD Sets

At the Hotel
Captain N: The Game Master – The Complete Series
Da Vinci’s Inquest – Season 1
Dog the Bounty Hunter – The Best of Season 3
The Doris Day Show – Season 4
The Best of The Flip Wilson Show
Ghostbusters – The Animated Series, Vol. 1
Girlfriends – The Complete First Season
The Immortal: Complete Series
Magnum P.I. – The Complete Sixth Season
Reno 911! – Reno’s Most Wanted (Uncensored)
The Rockford Files – Season Three
The State Within

What will you be adding to your TV on DVD collection?

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