Ranking the 10 Remaining Women on American Idol Season 6

Last night the 10 remaining ladies on Season 6 of American Idol performed. After two weeks of seeing the guys and gals sing, it is a women’s world and the men are just taking up space for the most part.

This week the performance rankings look a lot like last week. Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones are in the top 2 and Alaina Alexander and Antonella Barba are in the bottom two. In the middle there was a bit of shuffling around. Who did you think did the best of the women? The worst?

So, how did the 10 remaining girls do this week? Well, let’s see.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 10 Women Performance Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – Well, she did a lot. She had the performance of the night. Randy thought her performance “was hot” while Simon agreed and said it “was incredible.” He went on to say that he thought it was the “best vocal” in “the competition so far.” Hopefully that will boost her confidence just a bit.
  2. LaKisha Jones – Was outstanding last week and had the second best performance of the night, this week. Whatever happens in this competition, she should be singing somewhere all the time. Randy thought that it “was hot” and Paula “loved it” while Simon thought it was “not as good as last week,” he did think it was “phenomenally good.”
  3. Stephanie Edwards – Made the biggest improvement over last week’s ranking. Randy thought she should not try to be Beyonce, she should “be Stephanie Edwards.” Paula thought it was “fantastic” and Simon agreed, saying it was a “terrific performance.”
  4. Gina Glocksen – She is one of my two favorite females in the competition and did really well tonight, although I had to agree with Simon that the wardrobe didn’t go with the song she chose. She did look great though. Vocally Paula thought she did an “excellent job” and Simon thought it was a “good choice of song.” She should definitely stick to the Rock type songs as much as possible.
  5. Sabrina Sloan – Missed that last note, which hurt and otherwise very good performance. Randy thought it was “very nice overall” while Paula thought she was “fantastic” and Simon thought it was “very good.”
  6. Jordin Sparks – Randy thought that where she is for someone of such a young age is “unbelievable.” Paula said she was an “infectious” and “talented girl.” Simon told her it “wasn’t your best.”
  7. Leslie Hunt – Well, at least she was floundering around the stage this week. She did sound a bit better until that scat part of the song. It just didn’t look or sound right coming from her. I don’t know why, it just didn’t. Randy thought it was “pitchy” and Paula thought she was “back in her element.” Simon thought she is “getting lost in this competition.”
  8. Haley Scarnato – Randy said it “wasn’t great for me” while Paula thought she was “so much better than last week.” Simon thought her performance was “manic verging on insane” and that vocally she “came out badly.” She is a pretty face with a pretty good voice but doesn’t have any idea who she is, as in, what type of singer she is or wants to be.
  9. Alaina Alexander – Randy thought she “started off good” and then her “pitch went away” and she ended up “all over the place.” Paula thought the “pitch was a little bit off.” Simon thought she started off good, as well, but “ran out of steam.”
  10. Antonella Barba – Had the misfortune to sing a bad rendition of Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me” right after the best performance of the night from Melinda. Randy thought it was “completely the wrong song.” Paula thought it was “leaps and bounds from last week” and it was. Unfortunately, it was still the worst singing of the night. Simon thought she was “worse than last week.”

I say Alaina and Antonella should be the ones packing their bags this week. Although, any of the bottom four could easily get sent home. Who do you think will receive the least amount of votes this week?

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