Tonight on the Tube: Heroes Battle, Bauer Breaks In, Kitchen Gadgets and Class Is Over

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What should you watch for tonight? Well, The Class on ABC ends its first season. T-Bag loses his expensive luggage. Linderman makes an appearance. Brian ponders his relationship. Jack breaks into yet another embassy to get information, which didn’t work out so well for him last time. Food Network unwraps some cool new kitchen gadgets. College basketball conference tournaments are starting up. What TV happening are you most looking forward to tonight?

Prime Picks

Prison Break (FOX): New. Michael wants to confront the president with the audio file while T-Bag loses his luggage. Mahone plays a waiting game with Sara.

Heroes (NBC): New. Nathan meets with Linderman while Hiro is attempting to get his hands on the sword. Suresh has a breakthrough with the list. Last week’s episode was the best of the season so far. Plenty of revelations, but you still are wondering: What the heck is going on? Runs 61 minutes.

What About Brian (ABC): New. Brian is starting to wonder if he and Bridget have made the right decision and Natasha wants him to take over the planning of a big presentation for a Japanese client.

Solid Selections

How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Repeat. This is a very funny episode where Lily moves in with Barney for a few days. Barney has one awesome, King Kong like TV.
The Class (CBS): Season Finale. The first season comes to an end tonight with the whole gang back at the hospital supporting Nicole as Yonk goes in for bypass surgery after his heart attack. Do you think it will be back for another season?

24 (FOX): New. Jack heads to yet another embassy with former president Logan while the aftermath of the bombing in the bunker is dealt with.

The Black Donnellys (NBC): New. The family learns how Sean is while Jimmy is in a holding cell. Haven’t watched last week’s premiere yet, am going to after I finish this post. What did you think of it?

Cable Choices

Wildfire (ABC Family): New. Junior has found out about Kris and Matt. A new trainer to replace Pablo is searched for. This episode plays again later. A new episode of Lincoln Heights plays right before.

Unwrapped (Food Network): New. Some new and innovative kitchen gadgets are profiled.
Unwrapped (Food Network): Repeat. Different shakes are shown.

The Secret Life Of … (Food Network): Repeat. The history of pancakes is explained.
The Secret Life Of … (Food Network): Repeat. The history of waffles is told.

Other Options

  • Rules of Engagement (CBS): New. Russell takes care of something he did wrong in the past after running into an old girlfriend.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN & ESPN2 have games from both men’s and women’s college basketball conference tournaments.

What will you be watching?

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  • Max Mar 8, 2007, 6:57 pm

    I absolutely love monday night television. My tivo gets the most work done on mondays with Heroes, Wildfire and Lincoln heights.

    Unfortunately i’ve sort of fallen off with 24

  • Jason the TVaholic Mar 9, 2007, 3:11 pm

    Hey Max, I would have to agree with you for the most part. It is a toss up between Mondays and Thursdays for me. Both nights the DVR gets quite the workout.

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