New TV Shows on DVD: Moonlighting, Northern Exposure, Doctor Who & More

Moonlighting - Season Five - The Final Season on DVDDoctor Who was Moonlighting at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends when his pal Sabrina, the Teenage Witch came in to visit. She wanted to know what new TV shows on DVD were being released today. She needed to know before she left for Hawaii. Five-O’clock had come and Who went with Sabrina to see what they could find out. He knew of a cool sci-fi store not far that sold TV shows on DVD. They walked The Loop around South Park and arrived at Stargate Atlantis. It was a great little store with all the latest offerings. While it focused mainly on science fiction titles, they would know what else was coming out. She was happy to find out that one of her all-time favorite shows, Northern Exposure, was on the list. See what other DVD offerings they found were releasing today, March 6th, below:

New TV Shows on DVD:

Doctor Who – The Invasion
Doctor Who – The Sontaran Experiment
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends – The Complete Season 1
Hawaii Five-0 – The Complete First Season
The Loop – Season 1
Moonlighting – Season Five – The Final Season
Northern Exposure – The Complete Sixth Season
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – The Complete First Season
South Park – The Complete Ninth Season
Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Second Season

What will you be adding to your TV on DVD collection this week?

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