Where is Men in Trees filmed? And, Has it Been Cancelled? Plus More TV Questions Answered

TV fans wanted to know about the Lifetime show Monarch Cove, a Super Bowl commercial actor, if I could solve a bet regarding The Man Show, where Lost is filmed, where Men in Trees is filmed, if Men in Trees has been cancelled and what happened to the ABC show Day Break?

Tricia asked: Any updates on Monarch Cove returning for another series?
I still haven’t read or heard any news about Monarch Cove getting a second season. It probably isn’t likely, but they still have the show listed at the LifetimeTV website.

Jim asked: What is the name of the actor that portrays the Heart in the 2007 Super Bowl American Heart Assoc. commercial and what has he been in before?
I have no idea. I don’t recognize him from anything. Does anyone else out there know who he is or what he has been in other than this commercial? Update: It turns out in the time between when Jim asked the question and I finally posted about it, he found out it was the guy who played Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies. His name is Marc McClure. After doing a search of his name in conjunction with the ad, I came across a post at SuperAdFreak by Chris Wall who lived blogged the Super Bowl. He says that the guy in the heart is Marc McClure. So, there you go.

Tom asked: I know this is kind of sad, but I need you to help settle an argument. In the opening of The Man Show, a girl gets her clothes torn off by a leaf blower. Then a nurse named Heather is taking an old mans temperature. Are these the same women? Thank you for your time.
You’re right, it is sad. I have no idea. I have never really watched The Man Show. My suggestion is that you get yourself a TiVo and record an episode. Then freeze-frame it on each scene and see if you can tell, if it is the same woman. If you still can’t tell, find yourself a woman (I’m assuming this is an argument between you and another guy) to compare the two. You can find episodes of The Man Show on G4, but of course, you probably already new that.

Kendall asked: Where is the TV show Lost filmed at?
Lost is filmed in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. If you would like to try and find some of the exact locations you can follow the directions provided by the following article: In Search of Filming Locations for ABC’s Lost.

Ron asked: Where is Men in Trees filmed? The setting, …Chieftan Hotel & Pub, …knowing there is no Elmo, Alaska.
The show Men in Trees, as mentioned before, is filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The small town that provides the face for the town of Elmo, Alaska is Squamish, B.C. It is a small town of about 15,000 people up the coast from Vancouver. Take a look at these pictures a fan posted on the AnneHeche.com Forums.

Has Men in Trees been cancelled?
No, Men in Trees has not been cancelled. It was off one week for the Oprah Oscar Special. Otherwise it has been reruns like tonight’s episode. It will, however, be taking off a couple of weeks starting next Thursday night. ABC is going try and launch their new show October Road in the post Grey’s Anatomy timeslot.
Update 3-21-2007: Not only has it not been cancelled, ABC announced that Men in Trees has been picked up for next season.
Update 3-29-2007: Read the March 29th Tonight on the Tube post for the latest on ABC’s Men in Trees.
Update 4-26-2007: It looks like it won’t be back this season, but it will be back. Get the details.
Update 6-19-2007: Read a recap of what happened to Men in Trees on ABC at the end of this season and where it will be playing when it returns next fall.
Update 5-5-2008: Find out if Men in Trees has been cancelled.

What happened to the TV show Day Break on ABC with Taye Diggs?
Day Break was cancelled after like five episodes due to low ratings. I really liked the show. ABC has all of the episodes available to watch online at their website via streaming video. I haven’t gotten a chance to do so yet, but am planning on it. I am a not sure how long ABC plans on keeping the episodes out there, but the series finale was posted a few days ago on March 2nd.

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  • Denise Mar 20, 2007, 5:36 pm

    Men In TRees: It was not on on Fridays, but after Greys anatomy on Thursdays?? But , glad to hear not cancelled. Whew!! Love that show, so cute, refreshing and different. Can’t wait until it comes back and anxious to see what happens between Jack and Marin, just know there is an underlying current there.

  • Jason the TVaholic Mar 21, 2007, 6:12 pm

    Denise, Men in Trees did originally premiere on Friday nights in the second hour of primetime. When Six Degrees faltered in the post Grey’s Anatomy slot on Thursdays, ABC decided to give Men in Trees a shot there instead. It has been there since around the end of November. Anyway, not only has it not been cancelled, but also as you can see in the update posted above, ABC announced today that it will be bringing Men in Trees back for another season next fall. Glad you enjoy the show, as I do, and thanks for stopping by.

  • Diane Casey Mar 27, 2007, 11:09 pm

    I’m not a huge t.v. viewer – however I fell into ‘Men In Trees’ and love it.
    I live in a remote area of Arizona called the White Mountains (it is snowing this moment)
    in a town called Heber/Overgaard and we do have sattlite dish and it works so what channel
    and what night might I get to view this show? We have been looking for the past 3 thursdays
    and cannot find it. I do get to see it at my parents home once a month when I visit them at
    10pm on THursday nights….HELP and thank you

  • Jason the TVaholic Mar 29, 2007, 5:10 pm

    Diane, Men in Trees was supposed to return to the ABC Thursday night lineup in early April, but now it is not scheduled to return until sometime in May. You can read the March 29th Tonight on the Tube post for more information about what ABC is doing.

  • Jason the TVaholic Apr 26, 2007, 6:29 am

    It looks like Men in Trees won’t be back this season, but will be back. You can read more about it in the April 26th Tonight on the Tube post.

  • Mike May 15, 2008, 2:08 pm

    I am really upset that Men in Trees was canceled, it was one of the few good shows on TV. With all the crap they have, why cancel a real winner. If it wasnt doing well, its because they didnt put it in the right place. Anytime we had company and watched it everyone loved it. Probably one of the few shows I never missed.

  • Kathy Sep 9, 2008, 11:26 pm

    I too am so upset about Men In Trees being canceled. I would like to know why it is when they do put on a good show it is taken off,and replaced with stuff that isn’t worth watching. Everyone that I know LOVES Men In Trees… Even if I could not set, and watch it the time it was on we ALWAYS recorded it. My whole family, and everyone else I know love the show, and wish they would keep it. Maybe we should all boycott ABC until they do bring it back, and keep it..

  • Cindi W. Dec 9, 2008, 9:59 am

    I am devastated that they cancelled Men In Trees. What a great show! I love that it was so
    different from the other shows that ABC has. Open your eyes ABC…you made a mistake. It was
    the only show we watched every week and never missed.

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