Tonight on the Tube: Prison Break, 24, CSI: Miami, CBS Comedies and The Riches

Dowload Episodes of 24 at Amazon UnboxABC has danced the stars away from American Idol for this installment. Dancing With the Stars has a two-hour premiere; just don’t sit in the front row for fear of flying body parts. I have heard of trying to get a leg up on the competition, but trying to get a leg off of the competition that is another story. The Prime Picks tonight give you a solid three-hour block of action, while the Solid Selections will tickle your funny bone for the most part.

Prime Picks

Prison Break (FOX): New. What Mahone has been doing is starting to catch up with him while Sara thinks about giving herself up to save the guys. T-Bag is up to his old tricks in Mexico and Bellick want Sucre to find the money.

24 (FOX): New. Gradenko is now being tracked by CTU thanks to Jack who learns of some bad news, but has to deal so he can continue to hunt down the bad guys.

CSI: Miami (CBS): New. A woman who ends up having two identical sisters is the lead suspect in the death of her husband. Will Horatio and the gang be able to prove who dunnit?

Solid Selections

How I Met Your Mother (CBS): New. Ted is about to move in with Robin, but Barney has other plans.
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS): New. Christine tries to get more politically active and ends up having to battle someone with an opposing view who is quite aggressive.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): New. Alan is starting to realize that Jake is growing up, while Kandi has embarked on a new career choice.
Rules of Engagement (CBS): New. Audrey decides to make Jeff a gift by turning some of his favorite T-shirts into a quilt, which goes over better than expected.

What About Brian (ABC): New. An embarrassing photo of Brian and Stephanie, from downstairs, shows up in a tabloid and her manager thinks she should stay away from him in public. Deena opens her new cupcake store.

Cable Choices

Wildfire (ABC Family): New. The friction between Matt and Junior is beginning to heat up and Gillian returns. A new episode of Lincoln Heights plays right before this episode. This episode plays later, as well.

Chefography (Food Network): New. Nigella Lawson is profiled.

The Riches (FX): New. Wayne attempts to fill Doug’s shoes as an attorney to keep up appearances and the money flowing in, so they can continue to live it up. Runs 68 minutes and plays twice. I haven’t got a chance to watch last week’s premiere, so I don’t know if it was any good or not? Did you watch? What did you think?

Other Options

  • The Black Donnellys (NBC): New. I think I have decided to give up on this show. The characters are just too dumb. I said it before, last week, but I think this show should be called The Black Moron-nellys.
  • Unwrapped (Food Network): New. The hour-long episode is titled, “Food Network Unwrapped 2” where you can get another look behind the scenes of the Food Network.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has NIT college basketball games.
  • ESPN2 has second round games from the Women’s NCAA Tournament.
  • NBA TV has the Sacramento Kings at the Atlanta Hawks.
  • Versus has NHL action with the Pittsburgh Penguins at the New York Rangers.

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  • Max Mar 25, 2007, 5:53 pm

    I already had 24, Prison Break, Wildfire, and Lincoln Heights on my monday evening watch list. Looks like we can add The Riches too. Eddie Izzard is great.

    Monday night television really dominates

  • Jason the TVaholic Mar 26, 2007, 3:18 am

    Max, Monday is a really good night for TV. It rivals a Thursday night for the amount of quality TV that is on in primetime. Especially, when you through in Heroes, How I Met Your Mother along with a few of the shows you mentioned. I also, was one of the few who actually liked Studio 60. I have, so far, ended up watching one of the replays of The Riches that they play throughout the rest of the week, because of all the other good stuff on, on Monday night.

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