The Hair is one of the Remaining Nine on American Idol Season 6

That is correct, Sanjaya “The Hair” Malakar has lasted another week. There is not much else to say. He wasn’t even in the bottom three. That consisted of Phil Stacey, Haley Scarnato and the departing Chris Sligh.

I had thought that Chris Richardson might be the one on the way out with two of either Sanjaya, Haley or Chris S. being down there with him in the bottom three. So, I was way off this week, although, I thought that Chris S. had a chance of heading home, which he did.

How long do you think Sanjaya can last? I think he could easily last past Phil or Haley before finally being ejected from the proceedings. That would give him as many as three more weeks to sing before I can write the following headline: The Hair Finally Gets Cut on American Idol Season 6. His demise will come in the next three weeks. He won’t make the Top 6.

How would you rank the remaining nine Idol hopefuls and their chances of winning the whole thing?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 9 Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – Easily the best singer in the competition, but that person doesn’t always win.
  2. Jordin Sparks – Has the youth appeal. Will definitely benefit when Sanjaya finally gets sent home. The people that have been voting for him that actually like him, not the Vote for the Worst people or the Howard Stern fans, will probably switch their allegiance to the next young participant in the competition.
  3. LaKisha Jones – Needs to put forth a performance like she did the first week of the Top 24 competition.
  4. Blake Lewis – Definitely agree with the judges that he is the strongest male in the competition, which is completely the case now that Chris Sligh has been sent home.
  5. Gina Glocksen – With more performances like this week she could definitely stick around. If she reverts back to previous more screechy or lack of enunciation type performances, she won’t.
  6. Chris Richardson – Turns out he did have a bit more support than was shown last week. He was in the bottom two last week and didn’t even make the bottom three this week.
  7. Haley Scarnato – Needs to go back to the shake your assets routine from the previous week.
  8. Phil Stacey – Similar to Chris R. last week. Gave his best performance of the competition so far and got a spot in the bottom three anyway.
  9. Sanjaya Malakar – Where is some Nair when you need it?

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