Tonight on the Tube: Prison Break Season Finale, NCAA Championship Game and The Riches

Prison Break: The Classified FBI FilesIn season finale news, we have Lincoln Heights on ABC Family ending its first season run and Prison Break wrapping up its second tonight. In weird scheduling news, ABC is premiering a new version of The Bachelor, but if you want to watch it from the beginning, you will have to tune in 15 minutes before the third hour of primetime, as it is an hour and 15 minutes long. It begins right after Dancing With the Stars, which runs an hour and 45 minutes tonight. In season replay news, ABC Family begins showing, the summer hit, Kyle XY each Monday night. This is a very good show and worth checking out, as a second season is scheduled for this summer.

Prime Picks

Prison Break (FOX): Season Finale. Tonight in the season ender, it will be back for a third season next fall, has Michael trying to rescue Lincoln from Mahone and Sucre trying to save Maricruz. Bellick and T-Bag seem to be in a whole heap of Panamanian trouble.

24 (FOX): New. Jack gets some info from Gredenko and CTU must act on it, while the VP is challenging the president on his ability and health to do the job.

The Black Donnellys (NBC): New. With a new season of The Bachelor on ABC and the NCAA Championship on CBS, it leaves only this for the third hour pick tonight. I gave up on this show a couple of episodes ago. If you are on the east coast then you should check out the end of the game. If you are on the west coast, like me, you might as well turn in early. Or better yet, if you have cable, check out The Riches over on FX.

Solid Selections

NCAA Tournament Final (CBS): Championship Game. Ohio State squares off against defending champs Florida. Neither of the Final Four games turned out to be all that great, so hopefully the championship can give us a game worth tuning in for. Tip off is scheduled for just after 9:00 p.m. ET.

Cable Choices

Kyle XY (ABC Family): Repeat. Tonight they start replaying the entire 10-episode season, beginning with the “Pilot” episode. A teenage boy found in the forest naked and with no memory of where he came from, is taken in by a counselor and her family, while they look for his. It turns out that he is not quite normal and has some special abilities and, of course, no belly button. This episode plays again later. The Lincoln Heights season finale plays right before.

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel): New. See some weird food from the United Kingdom.

The Riches (FX): New. Wayne finds out that Doug has an ex-wife and the family must figure out a way to keep them off their backs. Meanwhile, DiDi starts to take a liking to a boy at her new school. Runs 67 minutes and plays twice.

Other Options

  • Friends (TBS): Repeats. Four episodes replay, including “The One With Joey’s Bag.”
  • Unwrapped (Food Network): New. Foods of the chewy sort are profiled.

Sports Notes

  • CBS has the NCAA Tournament Final.
  • ESPN has a doubleheader MLB action that includes the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at the New York Yankees followed by the Boston Red Sox at the Kansas City Royals.
  • ESPN2 has three MLB baseball games today. Still can’t believe it is baseball season already.

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