New TV Show DVD Sets: The Brady Bunch, Entourage, Roseanne & More

Entourage - Season Three, Part 1It is time for the further adventures in the search of new TV show DVD sets. This week, one of The Brady Bunch is tasked with finding out what TV shows come out on DVD on Tuesday. Tom Brady was the group’s leader. Each week when Tom Goes to the Mayor, he gets their latest assignment. They were not the Defenders of the Earth, but they did help the mayor keep Law & Order around town. One of the mayor’s constituent groups, the Tree Friends, had become unhappy with the town’s TV show on DVD selections and wanted to know what else there was. In an attempt to create Happy Tree Friends, Tom gathered up his Entourage of Roseanne and She-Ra: Princess of Power and headed out to consult the Mind of Mencia. They were told that the list of New TV show DVD releases was being held at a secure location in the Galapagos. Once there, they were to seek out a pink panther. To have The Pink Panther Show them the way was going to be the trickiest part of the journey. But, without him they would not be able to find The Lost Room hidden somewhere on the island’s Twin Peaks. The journey was treacherous, but determined, they returned with a list of the latest TV show DVD sets available for purchase as of today. Everyone was happy and the town celebrated with a DVD viewing party like no one had ever seen before. You can too with the following list of new DVDs.

New TV Show DVD Sets Released Tuesday, March 3rd:

The Brady Bunch – The Complete Series (Seasons 1-5 + Shag Carpet Cover)
Defenders of the Earth – The Complete Series, Vol. 2
Entourage – Season Three, Part 1
Happy Tree Friends – Season One, Vol. 2
Law & Order – The Fifth Year (1994-1995 Season)
The Lost Room (Mini-series Widescreen)
Mind of Mencia – Uncensored Season 2
The Pink Panther Show – Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 5 – The Ant & The Aardvark
Roseanne – Season 7
She-Ra: Princess of Power – Season One, Vol. 2
Tom Goes to the Mayor – The Complete Series
Twin Peaks – The Second Season

What new TV show DVD sets look good to you this week? Will any of them get a spot in your TV shows on DVD collection?

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