Tonight on the Tube: Idol, House, Boston Legal, The Unit and The Shield

Get Boston Legal - Season 2 on DVDTonight on FX is the sixth season premiere of The Shield. ABC hands out some results on Dancing With the Stars. Tony Bennett tries to help the remaining nine contestants on American Idol. The Boston Legal people go into the old show archive and come out with what sounds like a very clever plot, using old footage from a lawyer show William Shatner was on in 1957. Also, the women’s college basketball championship is decided tonight on ESPN. It looks like a pretty good night of TV. What will you be watching?

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): New. Agent Cassidy is blaming herself for the death of two agents when it turns out a tip was a terrorist trap.

House (FOX): New. A famous photographer who is pregnant collapse while shooting and becomes the patient of Dr. House. In other news, both Cuddy and Foreman find out about Cameron and Chase’s secret affair.

Boston Legal (ABC): New. Very clever episode tonight when a man with a grudge against Denny holds the firm hostage. William Shatner, who plays Denny Crane, starred in a lawyer show called The Defender in 1957. They have worked footage from that show into tonight’s episode. Should be fun to watch.

Solid Selections

American Idol (FOX): New. The Top 9 sings songs with guest mentor Tony Bennett. I wish he could leave Sanjaya in San Francisco.

The Unit (CBS): New. Crystal is talking to a reporter and Mack doesn’t like it and tries to put a stop to it.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): New. When an honor student dies, four other honor students are arrested for negligent homicide, since he died at a party they put on.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril cooks up some of our favorite sweet treats.

The Closer (TNT): Repeats. The “Fantasy Date” episode replays where Brenda ends up as a target while investigating the murder of a congresswoman’s daughter. Another episode plays right after.

The Shield (FX): Season Premiere. The sixth season begins with the Barn still grieving over the loss of Lem. Vic is beside himself and wants the person who killed him to pay. Runs 69 minutes and plays twice.

Other Options

  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Goren and Eames are investigating the death of a ear surgeon when they learn that he had been a witness in a case against another doctor.
  • Rachael Rays’ Tasty Travels (Food Network): New. Rachael heads for Tennessee.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has the Women’s NCAA Tournament Final tonight.
  • NBA TV has the Detroit Pistons at the Indiana Pacers.
  • Versus has an NHL hockey game.

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