How Did the Top 8 Perform on American Idol Season 6?

It is a sad state of affairs when the person who shouldn’t have even made the Top 12, doesn’t have the worst performance of the Top 8. Overall, it was a so-so night. Let’s just say that the Latin flavor of the night was not well suited to most of the singers that are left in the competition.

To help the gang of eight with their songs this week was J.LO, Jennifer Lopez. I thought she did pretty good letting them know what they needed to do to pull off this style of music. Unfortunately, most weren’t able to perform on stage as well as they did at the piano in rehearsal.

So, what did they sing and how did they do?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 8 Performance Rankings:

  1. Blake Lewis – This is the first time a guy has had the performance of the week. He was great with his rendition of “I Need To Know,” which is sung by Marc Anthony. Randy thought it was the “best song choice of the night” and that it was “hot.” Paula thought it was a “smart performance,” while Simon gave it the rating of “best performance so far.” This is always nice to hear when you are singing near the end of the show, as he was in the seventh spot.
  2. LaKisha Jones – She was the second one to sing and chose “Conga.” She was dressed in fiery red and did her best to move to the beat. It was pretty good. Randy thought is “was hot.” Paula thought she looked “lovely” but didn’t “feel it as much as Randy.” She also thought it was a “very safe” performance. Simon actually agreed with Paula that is was “quite a safe song” choice.
  3. Melinda Doolittle – I think she may have found a hairstyle she should stick with, as she looked really good last night with the curls. She was first on stage and sang, “Sway.” Randy thought it was “another solid performance.” Paula said it was “sultry” and “smooth.” Simon finally found something to criticize. He “didn’t like it.” Thought it a bit too “cabaret” or “lounge” singer.
  4. Jordin Sparks – Was the sixth to sing and went with “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.” She did well once again, but I don’t feel any connection with her performances. She got raves from Randy, who should just sign her right now and head for the studio and start making albums already. He said it was the “Yo factor on blast.” Paula thought she was “authentic” and “adorable.” Simon didn’t like that he wasn’t seeing any “progression” in her performances.
  5. Chris Richardson – I thought he started off really weak, but then pulled it out at the end. He sang, “Smooth” and was the third to hit the stage. Randy thought it was “very cool,” while Paula found the performance “hot.” Simon thought it felt “contemporary.”
  6. Sanjaya Malakar – This is going to make me as sick to type it, as Simon was to say that his performance “wasn’t horrible,” but it wasn’t. I wouldn’t go as far as Randy did by saying that it “was actually really good.” It was good enough to be not the worst of the night and probably his best. Paula thought it was “very nice.” He was the last one to sing last night and went with “Besame Mucho.” Maybe it was that he was singing mostly in Spanish, which made it sound better.
  7. Phil Stacey – Thought he would have been the one leaving the show last week, but this week could seal his fate. His performance of “Maria, Maria” “didn’t quite connect with the emotion,” according to Randy. Paula thought it was a “real good vocal.” Simon told him that there was “no originality” and “nothing to get excited about.” He was the fifth to sing. The quick anecdote about his daughter’s new stuffed animal cow and how she calls it “Simon Cow” was pretty funny.
  8. Haley Scarnato – Had the worst performance of the night. Her rendition of “Turn the Beat Around” was not good. Simon finally verbalized what I have thought her strategy has become, since the voice isn’t up to par with most of the rest of the singers. That being to “wear as least amount of clothes as possible.” He forgot the shake and shimmy aspect of what has been working for her. Unfortunately, she forgot the shake and shimmy part of the strategy and that could be the last we see of her on the show. Randy thought it was “really karaoke” and Paula thought she “had fun up there.”

My bottom three would be Haley, Phil and Sanjaya, but I think this week the bottom three will end up being Haley, Phil and Chris with Haley taking her hot pants and heading home.

Who do you think had the best performance of the Top 8 on American Idol Season 6? Who will be going home?

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