How Did the Top 7 Perform on American Idol Season 6?

It was Country Night on American Idol with Martina McBride helping the singers with their song choices. You might of thought that Country music would be as bad for this group as Latin music was last week. While the usual suspect once again had the worst performance of the night, others like Phil Stacey actually did really well for a change.

So, what did they sing and how did they do?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 7 Performance Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – Was back on top with a performance of “Trouble is a Woman.” She was next to last to sing and was great. Randy thought it was “another solid performance from our resident pro.” Simon told her “it was fantastic.”
  2. Jordin Sparks – She has always seemed to be the great, but with lack of feeling in her performances. It is kind of like, you can put any type of music in front of her and she will sing it technically perfect. There is just no connection. Well, tonight she finally seemed connected to the song and gave a great performance. Randy said, “That was da bomb.” Paula thought it was a “great job.” Simon told her that it was the “first time since we met that I believe you could win American Idol.” She was second to go and sang “A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride.
  3. Blake Lewis – He was the last one to take the stage and sang “When the Stars Go Blue.” He was really good. Randy thought it was the “right song” for him and that he knows who he is. Paula said that it is “always fun to watch you,” while Simon thought, “it was OK.”
  4. Phil Stacey – That’s right, Phil Stacey had the fourth best performance of the night. The perennial bottom dweller was one of the better singers last night. He was the first one to go and took on “Where the Blacktop Ends.” Randy thought he “could have a career in country music.” Paula thought is was good “from the beginning to the middle, to the end.” Simon said, “it only took 10 weeks” and that he finally “saw some personality.”
  5. LaKisha Jones – She over sang, “Jesus, Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. Randy thought it “had some pitch problems” and Paula agreed. Simon thought it was the “wrong choice of song.” She sounded a lot better at rehearsal with Martina McBride than when she sang on stage. It was more shouting than singing towards the end. She was the fourth participant to take the stage.
  6. Chris Richardson – He sang fifth and chose “Mayberry” for his song. Randy “didn’t feel any emotional connection.” Paula didn’t see the “joy and love” that she normally sees in him on stage. Simon felt it was a “non-descript, nasally, tinny vocal.” I am not a big fan of his, but this was pretty bad. It was almost Sanjaya bad for me.
  7. Sanjaya Malakar – He was the third to sing and went with “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About.” He actually sounded OK in the clip from his rehearsal, but once on stage he reverted back some pretty bad vocals. Even Paula thought the vocals were bad. Randy thought it was “very bland” and “just like karaoke.” Simon thought it was “utterly horrendous” and then latter described it as “hideous.” It was pretty bad and most definitely the worst of the night.

My bottom three from last night would be LaKisha, Chris and Sanjaya, but who knows what the bottom three will actually be. I am going to go with that though, although Phil could be there once again in place of Sanjaya. I am going to say that Chris has sung through his nose for the last time and his journey will come to an end tonight.

Who do you think did the best? The Worst? Who do you think will be going home this week on American Idol Season 6?

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