Annoying Hair Finally Plucked from American Idol Season 6

Back when Sanjaya Malakar made the Top 9, I predicted he wouldn’t make the Top 6. That would make this the week to use: “The Hair Finally Gets Cut on American Idol Season 6″ as the headline. I like the one I used a bit better, but at any rate, Sanjaya didn’t make the Top 6. After the last couple of weeks, even I strayed from my original thinking and thought that Chris Richardson would be the one to leave after Country Week.

That certainly didn’t materialize, as Blake Lewis was in the bottom three instead of Chris like I thought it would be. Sanjaya and LaKisha Jones were the other two, so at least I got that right. I guess only one prediction is allowed to come to pass, if that, each week. This week it was nice to see my prediction come to fruition. It was about time. Who did you think was going home last night?

Anyway, do to his ouster; he has given us something to talk about other than hair, which is all right by me. I will give him a lot of credit though, as he came out and tried each week. I think he might be a decent studio performer. He always sounded OK in the rehearsal clips with each week’s mentor, but when he hit the stage it almost always fell flat.

They filled the hour long results show with performances from Fergie and Martina McBride, as well as more info on the Idol Gives Back participants, which all happens next week.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 6 Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – I think I would have sat down on stage and refused to pick a group to join as well. She has been the most consistent of the remaining six and should definitely be considered the front-runner.
  2. Jordin Sparks – More performances like this week will keep her in it until the end.
  3. Blake Lewis – This was the wake up call week for all his fans. Unless he really pulls out a stinker of a performance next week, he should easily be back in the Top 3.
  4. LaKisha Jones – Needs to find away to get back to the first performance she gave during the week the Top 12 women were performing. If she has another week like this one, she could be leaving a lot sooner than later.
  5. Chris Richardson – The voters for this guy make no sense. When he does really well, he ends up in the bottom three. When he does poorly, like this week, he isn’t in the bottom three. Should be departing in the next couple of weeks.
  6. Phil Stacey – They ain’t singing Country next week, so a return to the bottom three and a possible exit looms large in the near future.

Who do you think will be the next to go on American Idol Season 6?

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